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Faux Brisket Tri Tip, Is it Really Possible?

  At Jake's Famous we'd often wonder about the many cooking methods and ways of making Tri Tip.   I knew basically, that Tri-Tip could be smoked, roasted or grilled until medium or medium well then turned into some of the best tasting meat possible.  And with living on the Central Coast of California we are all familiar with the much regaled Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip Roast.  For those who don't know that's ... more info
How To Make Brisket Recipe for One or More

Brisket recipe making can be simple and easy or hard depending on the time, skill and attention to detail that one pays. And if you can make it for one then there's no end to the amount or types of brisket you can make. We've made a number of briskets over the years and while we can't say that we are the Grand Champions, we can say that our brisket recipe has been loved by hundreds of followers and friends.  To that end we ... more info
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