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Details:  Guess Which Celebrity King of Barbecue Doesn't Eat His Own Cooking?   Barbecue for the masses is a meal taken 3 or 4 times a year.  But barbecue for the insiders is a sacred institution one to be cherished and nurtured for all it's worth.  In the barbecue world where trophies sometimes are as big as the pit used for smoking one thing has always rained supreme.  It was a given that every bbq cook and pitmaster ... more info
Details:  We've been asked this question in so many forms that it begs an answer. And that answer is YES! BBQ Vents should be Open when grilling . But after that question usually comes the next question, By How Much or How do you use them?   To answer this question we really need to understand a few things namely your grill type, what you're grilling, when you are grilling it and where you're grilling it. So, let's get you the ... more info