Dutch Oven Pork BBQ Ribs Recipe

Dutch Oven Pork BBQ Ribs Recipe


Dutch Ovens have been around for over 100 years but lately they have come back into vogue. 

The ovens provide long lasting consistent heat while perfectly roasting or stewing meats and sauces.

Ingredients for Dutch Oven Pork BBQ Ribs Recipe

First, prepare charcoal grill by using a briquette pre-heater or by placing the briquettes in a BBQ grill this lighting.  We're going to use the BBQ grill as our holding platform for the Dutch Oven.  This requires that the grill plate is removed while we will be placing the oven directly on top of the burning coals.  If you can't do this then it's a good idea to have a pre-heater near the Dutch oven which minimizes transporting when the coals are ready.  Briquettes work best when the coals become ash white and hot.  Ash coals have a more even burning temperature which provides more consistent heat to the oven.

While coals are burning down take this time to prepare your ribs by cutting them to a size that will fit in the oven.  Also, coat the ribs with Olive Oil to reduce any sticking. Add either Jake's Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub or Jake's Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub coating generously. At this point you can choose to brown the rib segments on a regular oven or grill to increase the holding power of the seasonings and create a crusty outer layer before oven cooking.

Prepare deep 12-inch Dutch oven by placing an inverted pie pan or trivet into oven bottom. This acts to catch juices while preventing ribs from sticking or burning on the bottom. You can plan ahead for eventual cleaning by lining the oven with aluminum foil if desired. 

Place Dutch oven on the charcoal and add the browned ribs. When the pot is half full of ribs add BBQ sauce (or add water to prevent drying out while simmering) to those on the bottom only. Continue loading the oven with the browned ribs. The steaming sauce flavors the bottom ribs thoroughly and the top ribs somewhat less.

Slow cook/simmer ribs covered, about 2-3 hours or until meat begins to fall off bone. When meat is fully cooked remove and let sit for 2-3 minutes then serve.

The Dutch Oven really is the Insta Pot of old.  Today's Insta Pots reduce the time necessary to make the same dishes that were made over 100 years ago.  But the key to the shortening of the time is the flavor that produced from the unit.  The Dutch Oven held flavors from hundreds of cooking sessions the very thing we call seasonings today.  For my money I'd truly enjoy cooking on the Dutch Oven until the same flavor profile can be reproduced today.  

Enjoy and create your own Dutch oven recipes.

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