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  • Memphis Blues BBQ Sauce 11 Oz

    Jeramy S.
    Best, best, best barbecue sauce that I have ever tasted! I picked it up one day at a specialty butcher shop in Costa Mesa, CA. I don't like sweet sauces and this is THE perfect balance! Love the sauce and I love this site! I've had questions and every email that I've sent has been answered within 24 hours with helpful personal responses! Awesome customer service! I highly rate this product and am ordering more to see what the other sauces taste like!
  • Tri Tip, Steak and Rib BBQ Rub 48 Oz

    Eric S.
    I have been using the Tri-Tip rub for 8 years. I have tried others, I have been at other places and sampled their dry rubbed tri-tip, and they are just not right. I do a feast twice a year with 15 plus tri-tips and everyone just loves the flavor. I am more than happy to provide the secret = Jake's.
  • Carolina Sugar Free Barbecue Dry Rub 2 Pack

    Barney W.
    My friends and I are getting older and more them have some diabetic related issues of some form or another. So, being an avid purchaser of Jake's products I decided to try the SFR Carolina - San Ysidro Style Sugar Free Dry Rub. I saw the two pack and figured I could give one to a friend that has diabetes and try one myself. Wow! this is so unexpected...who knew that such a perfectly balanced dry rub could be created without sugar. The flavors are absolutely peak at every level. There are notes of paprika and garlic and hints of smoked salt and peppers with enough heat to create taste without being overbearing. I used the seasonings on a couple of steaks and some basic baby back ribs. My friend used the rub on Chicken and some turkey meat. Their results were just a good as mine. This rub is an absolute find ..... and I will be telling everyone I can especially those who are more concerned about their sugar intake and staying healthy with dry rubs about this fantastic product. Thank you Jake for thinking ahead addressing issues that are right at my eye level.
10–12 of 49 items