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  • Pure Santa Maria Best BBQ Rub for Tri Tip, ribs 5 Oz

    Allen M.
    This seasoning is Santa Maria at its finest. when I cook tri tip, it's a must. It enhances the flavors of this cut of meat almost perfectly. When the only local store here in town said they were going out of business, i knew i could not lose this rub. This rub is excellent.
  • Taco Sauce Supreme Authentic 11.2 Oz

    Sam Q.
    Got the Taco Sauce...fantastic! My kids used it on their chicken nuggets while we used it on our enchilada plate. We took it to our favorite Mexican restaurant hoping that we wouldn't get sent out for foreign sauces. The restaurant owner loved it and told us he'd be buying too. Great job Jake.
  • Santa Maria Style Tri Tip Rub 5 Oz 2 Pack

    Pepper M.
    Great Santa Maria style rub from Jake. I lived in Santa Maria for 15 years and you really can't get a better original tri tip rub or as we say here Santa Maria Style rub than Jake's Pure Santa Maria. I like that he uses the large chips of garlic and smoked kosher salt along with coarse black pepper. Really excellent.
16–18 of 46 items