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  • Memphis Blues BBQ Sauce 11 Oz

    Phil M.
    Having traveled to Memphis many, many times for business with of course the diversion for BBQ I've had my fair share of Memphis BBQ Sauces, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jake's this is definitely the good! Great flavor, wonderful taste makes this an exceptional sauce. I made Crockpot pulled pork following your recipe and it came out perfect. Thanks Jake for making another fine product. For those on the fence I recommend Jake's Memphis BBQ Sauce....
  • Pure Santa Maria Style Dry Rub for sale 48 Oz

    Pepper M.
    Pure Santa Maria Valley Style Dry Rub in a 48 Oz container what more could you want. I buy this in bulk now because we use so much of it. It's great of salmon grill, on beef ribs, on turkey and of course steaks. A wonderful rub at a great price.
  • 12 DAYS OF TRI-TIP Expert Recipes Revealed eBook

    Sam Q.
    I jumped on this when I first saw it come online. This is a collection of recipes that Jake put together. There are over 12 different rub recipes with a little chart. I like the different version and his comments. I will be using this starting tonight.

    I always wanted to do more tri tip but couldn't find the right recipes.

    Nice job Jake
22–24 of 49 items