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  • Really Good Mild Hickory BBQ Sauce 14 Oz

    Taz S.
    Rich flavored BBQ sauce, no corn syrup, spreads nicely and doesn't burn off, penetrates the meat nicely, acts as a great marinade and is sold at a great price. This is all you need to know about the greatness of this sauce. Give this sauce special consideration and pick it up now, you won't go wrong.
  • Really Nice Medium Hot BBQ Sauce 14 Oz

    Taz S.
    Jake this is a fantastic product and winner of the Fiery Food Challenge. I checked it out and this thing won like 4 times and is one of the best kept secrets in BBQ. This is wonderful with the jalapeno and habanero blended together with the rich flavored BBQ sauce. And for someone like me who enjoys just a bit of heat with my meal this is excellent it does not overpower but delivers a really great flavor.

    Great BBQ sauce, all natural and full of flavor at a great price.
  • Really Hot BBQ Sauce 12 Oz

    Harley J.
    This is a fantastic Hot BBQ Sauce. I saw the label noting the spicy hot and thought maybe it might have some potential. I like hot stuff and some people call me a chilehead which is fine cause I would rather have food that's hot than not. The beauty of this sauce is that it delivers this really nice level of flavor first followed by nice waves of heat. I thought maybe it's like hot sauce that heats up quickly then dissipates. But no this sauce has staying power and just won't give up after the first 5 minutes. The sauce gets hotter and hotter and reaches a nice level then just delivers combinations of flavor and heat at a wonderful level that people like me really enjoy.

    If you like spicy hot food and enjoy spicy hot BBQ sauce believe me this Inferno is for you. I think Jake should call this Really Hot BBQ Sauce because it is.
22–24 of 37 items