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  • Pure Santa Maria Style Dry Rub for sale 48 Oz

    Pepper M.
    Pure Santa Maria Valley Style Dry Rub in a 48 Oz container what more could you want. I buy this in bulk now because we use so much of it. It's great of salmon grill, on beef ribs, on turkey and of course steaks. A wonderful rub at a great price.
  • 12 DAYS OF TRI-TIP Expert Recipes Revealed eBook

    Sam Q.
    I jumped on this when I first saw it come online. This is a collection of recipes that Jake put together. There are over 12 different rub recipes with a little chart. I like the different version and his comments. I will be using this starting tonight.

    I always wanted to do more tri tip but couldn't find the right recipes.

    Nice job Jake
  • Really Hot BBQ Sauce 12 Oz

    Taz S.
    Fantastic product, great heat, all natural and full of flavor. And to top it off a great price and it makes a great gift for someone who loves BBQ sauce that has heat and flavor which is a tough combination to find.
22–24 of 48 items