Carolina Sugar Free Barbecue Dry Rub 2 Pack

Carolina Sugar Free Barbecue Dry Rub 2 Pack

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INTRODUCING!! Jake's Famous Newest Hot Seller our Awesome Carolina Sugar Free Barbecue Dry Rub 2 Pack 5 Ounce 20% OFF.

Our Awesome Carolina is an intoxicating rich blend of Hungarian Paprika, stone ground mustard, kosher salt, garlic, onions, turmeric and parsley with hints of traditional hickory smoke. Artisan crafted and perfected for the avid boomer (or non-boomer) consciously seeking richer flavors that maintain a low glycemic/diabetic (sugar) index without sacrificing daily key nutrients. This Dry Rub contains ZERO "0" Sugar and is instead ALL flavor.

This dry spice rub is great at adding a pinch of flavor to every day chicken meals, sauteed potatoes and onions, baby back ribs or to perk up scrambled eggs. Simmer with rice, green peppers and tomatoes or coat generously on grilled pork or prawns. Enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, fish, or your very own barbecue sauce and salsa creations.

Key features for our Awesome Carolina Dry Rub 2 Pack include the fact that the dry rub will marinate in as little as 45 minutes.  Our Awesome Carolina SFR Sugar Free Dry Rub is just that SUGAR FREE and Natural containing No MSG, No Chemical Preservatives.  This special made barbecue rub is best on Chicken, Ribs, Steaks, Tri-Tip Roast, Brisket.  The Awesome Carolina dry rub contains no sugar but creates the right crust level at the right time when you want it.  And best of all the seasoning blend is Low Sodium and Made in the USA.  

With our Awesome Carolina dry rub you can get yourself the flavor and rubs you deserve now with this special combination.

Recommended Uses:

We've been building dry rub, barbecue sauce and condiment mixes for over 18 years now and each couple of years we take a look at products that support our customers.  One of the trends we spotted is the desire to have cleaner less sugary and sodium laden products.  Our focus on building products with a key regional focus like our Awesome Carolina and Memphis Blues dry rubs offers products for those who can't necessarily visit those locations but want to enjoy the flavors that make these locations unique.  The Carolina brand introduces a complex yet subtle blend of spices necessary to drive and complement true Carolina style barbecue.

Carolinians see barbecue as almost a religious undertaking in that the style dictate and drive emotional sensibilities toward the subject.  Barbecue is classified as a heritage occupation in these states and is only complicated by the fact that there are two primary styles of barbecue, Lexington and Eastern style.  Each of these locations focus their efforts on pork although one may focus on the whole hog while the other tends to focus primarily on the rib bones.  In addition where sauce is concerned one utilizes tomatoes as a key element in their sauce while the other won’t even consider tomatoes or anything resembling tomatoes like tomato paste. 

Keeping those food centric focuses in mind we build our Awesome Carolina as a bridge between the two locations.  We do not of course use any tomatoes but we do in fact use red ripe Paprika smoky and flavorful.  If you’re planning of building your ribs as the Carolinians do you’ll want to prepare your ribs specifically with the Awesome Carolina.  This seasoning is perfect without sugar as I’m sure you’ll know that Carolinians North and Eastern don’t focus on the use of sugar to build their sauces or rubs but instead choose to focus on building levels of flavor with lip smacking fresh spices.  And that is exactly what you will get when you select our Awesome Carolina Sugar Free BBQ Dry Rub. 

 Order Jake's Awesome Carolina Style (SFR) Dry Rub Now and kick your BBQ dry rub skills into high gear.

Ingredients as listed:

  • Awesome Carolina SFR Sugar Free Rub: Spices (including Mustard), Paprika, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic & Onion, Turmeric, Parsley, Natural Smoke Flavor, Silicon Dioxide (Anti-Caking Agent)

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  • Barney W. - Nov 15, 2016
    My friends and I are getting older and more them have some diabetic related issues of some form or another. So, being an avid purchaser of Jake's products I decided to try the SFR Carolina - San Ysidro Style Sugar Free Dry Rub. I saw the two pack and figured I could give one to a friend that has diabetes and try one myself. Wow! this is so unexpected...who knew that such a perfectly balanced dry rub could be created without sugar. The flavors are absolutely peak at every level. There are notes of paprika and garlic and hints of smoked salt and peppers with enough heat to create taste without being overbearing. I used the seasonings on a couple of steaks and some basic baby back ribs. My friend used the rub on Chicken and some turkey meat. Their results were just a good as mine. This rub is an absolute find ..... and I will be telling everyone I can especially those who are more concerned about their sugar intake and staying healthy with dry rubs about this fantastic product. Thank you Jake for thinking ahead addressing issues that are right at my eye level.
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