Jake's Famous Dry Rub Gift Box #1

Jake's Famous Dry Rub Gift Box #1

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Looking for gifts for the person who seems to have everything? Who isn't?  Well, we may have the one item that not everyone else has.  Yes, it's our very own first time Gift Boxes.  Our gift boxes include three (3) of our very favorite and popular dry rubs.  In this set you get our:

Tri Tip, Steak and Rib Rub 5 Oz

Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub 5 Oz

Santa Maria Dry Rub 5 Oz

You get some really nice dry rubs at a very low gift giving price.  With these ultimate dry rubs you're giving the the perfect combination of dry rub and true seasoning for the man or woman that loves to barbecue.  Take our Tri Tip, Steak and Rib Rub, rub by itself has won numerous barbecue awards and appears daily in some of the finest grocery and deli chains across California.  Not to mention our stellar Southwestern Hickory Rub formerly known as our Santa Barbara Smoked Seafood Seasoning and while that's a mouthful to say just think of the myriad ways in which you can use this dry rub for seafood, fish, shellfish, steaks, ribs, chicken and more.  And last but certainly not least our Santa Maria Dry Rub is that world class dry rub for creating your own awesome tri tip, ribs,chicken, or mouthwatering burgers.  Did someone say vegetables, just think of all the vegetables you can make with these wonderful dry rub combinations.  

And if that wasn't enough we are sweetening the deal with our very own Popcorn Salt.  Yes, for a limited time we put together a rather excellent batch of buttery flavored Popcorn salt.  Just think of all those cool nights while you're sitting around the fireplace or your television watching your very favorite movie as you whip up a batch of warm and crispy Popcorn.  And Poof, just like that you top with a few shakes of Jake's Famous Black Tie Popcorn salt yours FREE with the purchase of our special Gift Box. 

Now you can out cook the biggest and best with this Super Value Best with our three flavored combination of premium dry rubs.  Make your mark with Jake's Family secret spices combined with generous amounts of Natural hand selected herbs, brown sugar, SPG (Salt, Pepper and Garlic) and onion designed to deliver savory mouthwatering flavor with the lightest hint of smoked hickory to compliment the marination process. 

Each of these gift boxes is in limited quantities and will be sold on a first come-first served basis.  So, get yours TODAY!!


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