Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce 12 Ounce 2 Pack

Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce 12 Ounce 2 Pack

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Our Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce 12 Ounce 2 Pack is a luxurious Barbecue Sauce Special designed around the finest Southern award winning barbecues. This all around heavenly barbecue sauce is made of lush Maple flavors combined with natural Bourbon flavors paired with a rich warm palate pleasing blend of penetrating barbecue sauce that gets deep down into the meat to deliver flavor taking the mouthwatering words right out of our mouths.

The balance between the complex flavors of Bourbon and the simplistic natural flavors of Maple is uncanny. When both are added to a base of tomatoes, garlic and onions such as in BBQ Sauce then the end result is awesome. One whiff of this aromatic blend and one is transported through images of the Old South on a Sunday afternoon while some sip Mint Julips on the Veranda. As a flavoring component Maple and Bourbon have been known to reach deeply into the very essence of meats to deliver a warm natural flavor with subtle hints of sweetness.

Customer thoughts on our Maple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce:

Jenny K.

"This is a wonderful BBQ Sauce.  I like that fact that it has nice flavors like Maple and Bourbon combined without the alcohol.  They really marinate well especially on my chicken and ribs.  Thanks for the sauce."

Billy N. 

"Excellent flavored sauce.  I use this on my Brisket and my ribs.  My friends love it and I love it even more. "

Our special is 2 bottles of Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce at a low low price.

Experience this all new taste sensation now and allow your taste buds to experience true Southern Style Maple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce.

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Maple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce
For many years the production of Maple syrup has been one of the mainstay items in Canada.  The sap from trees is collected then refined and allowed to mature before capturing the pure essence into bottles for sale.  The same goes for Bourbon which was refined in the county of Bourbon named after the French royal family Bourbon has been around since the mid 1700s in different forms and over time was refined and brought to many parts of the country.  The most prominent regions in the South were somewhat smitten by the drink and many chose to recreate the alcoholic form.  The form is typified by the charred oak notes that are processed into the liquid during the fermentation and maturation process.  

Bourbon carries with it warm rich flavors and smooth taste but it also carries with it alcohol levels that create light headedness and drunkenness for almost anyone who consumes too much of the liquid.  For many it cannot be consumed at all due to restrictions either religious or from allergic reactions to the blend.  I've known people with specific allergies to alcohol and can't even use rubbing alcohol let along bourbon or other format.  

A few years back we were able to come upon information related to the fact that these two key ingredients could be concentrated in such a way that the essence could be delivered without the effects of alcohol.  After much searching we were able to collect samples of the concentrate along with samples of  Maple sugar concentrate.  The concentrates retain all the flavor of the Maple and Bourbon with rich warm tones and notes of matured flavors.  The concentrates when combined with elements such as molasses and garlic produce ultimate flavored sauces.  And when those same elements are combined with vinegars and peppers they seek to  produce some astounding marinade like qualities.  This is the essence of our Maple Bourbon barbeque sauce a sauce that produces warm rich tones and ultimate flavor when combined and layered on meats like pork and beef. 

Once or twice a year we hold a charity barbecue for some of our supporters along with those that are less fortunate.  We focus on service and the desire to give these well deserving folks a respite from their daily situations.  We look toward re-creating some of the old ranch style barbecues wherein we use large grated grills to carry and cook tri-tip roasts, ribs, steaks and chicken.  We also make a mountain of garlic bread along with a central coast favorite pinquito beans.  Normally we would use our Really Good Mild and Really Nice Medium Hot BBQ Sauces as the basting mix on the meats.  We flavor the meats in such a way as to not overpower the meats but deliver amazing flavor.  However, for this particular barbecue we decided that we would switch up the barbecue sauce using our Maple Bourbon Barbeque Sauce.  The sauce was smooth and rich flavor with amazing notes of warm Bourbon and even flavored Maple.  The key to these sauces is the fact that they trigger the memory segment in the brain in which almost everyone has smelled the aromas of Maple and Bourbon.  Almost no one that I've ever come in contact with does not like those smells.  But some are concerned that we might be using actual alcohol in the containers and the answer is of course NO.  The FDA and the state will not allow the use of alcohol that is not controlled for primarily tax purposes.  And since we do not use it in our containers there's no need to be concerned in the use of the BBQ Sauce.  

Well after using the Maple Bourbon as a basting sauce the meats came out tender and full of flavor.  That day I think we heard from the better part of 90% of the guests and staff that they really enjoyed the barbecue and especially the sauce.  Those comments were enough to let us know that for future barbecues we would alternate or mix in copious amounts of Maple Bourbon marinated barbecue.  

Now, as above we've used the Maple Bourbon sauce on many barbecues and just like us you can too.  You can get this great combination of sauces in a two pack for a great price.  By using code: Barbecue10 you can take 10% off of this great 2 pack special today.  Get your today.  


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