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  • Southwestern Hickory Seasoning Barbecue Seasoning 5 Oz

    Nicholas D.
    Jake's rubs have given my household thousands of awesome BBQ's and meals over the last 10 years. I had the pleasure to to talk with Jake directly (Don't you love it when the owner answers the phone!!) and discovered he is as nice as his amazing products. I cannot recommend him too highly
  • Tri Tip, Steak Seasoning Rib BBQ Rub 5 Oz

    Phil M.
    Got Jake's Famous Tri Tip, Steak Rub and tested it with ribs and chicken. I say tested it because I've heard really good things about it but for me I wanted those things not to be true. But to my surprise this dry rub lived up to its name and more. The Ribs were fabulous and the chicken was moist and flavorful. This is truly better than every other rub I've tested and I can say I've tested them all. Expect more orders from me soon. Thanks
  • Tri Tip, Steak BBQ Rub for Ribs Rub 5 Oz 2 Pack

    Cleophus C.
    This is by far one of the best dry rub for ribs, chicken and tri-tip we have ever used. The 2 pack is just the right size for my family and friends. An absolute winner of a dry rub that I will continue to buy. Thanks Jake
1–3 of 48 items