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Grill Vents Should They be OPENED or CLOSED How To Use

We've been asked this question in numerous forms and it begs an solution. That  answer is YES! BBQ Grill Vents should be Open when grilling . But then comes the subsequent question, by how much or or  How do you use them? To answer this question we really need to understand a few things namely your grill type (Charcoal, Weber, Smoker, Gas), what you're grilling, when you are grilling it and where you're ... more info
Grilling Up Juicy BBQ Pork Chops - How To

  Grilling juicy BBQ Pork Chops can be a daunting task especially if you've never done it before.   With our guide we're going to walk you through this process and the steps necessary to make this happen.  Let's get started. Pork products have changed over the years especially the butchering and curing processes.  Pork at one time was considered taboo on the grill especially when cooked at today's minimum ... more info
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