Awesome Carolina Sugar Free Dry Rub 5 Lb

Awesome Carolina Sugar Free Dry Rub 5 Lb

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INTRODUCING!! Jake's Famous (ACBR) Awesome Carolina Sugar Free BBQ Rub 5 Lb

Made in the Carolina style and tradition this natural Best BBQ Rub supports and healthy focused lifestyle for those who really enjoy barbecue but want to limit their sugar and glucose intake.  We know for sure that many people are faced with making the choice of a Dry Rub that has great flavor but is loaded with sugar and salt against a dry rub that looks good but has virtually no taste.  We've solved that problem by producing our Awesome Carolina Sugar Free BBQ Rub 5 LB version.  This rub contains a rich blend of mustard, paprika, kosher salt, garlic, onions, turmeric and parsley with hints of traditional hickory smoke. Perfect for the avid barbecuer or  consciously seeking richer flavors that maintain a low glycemic/diabetic (sugar) index without sacrificing daily key nutrients. This Dry Rub contains "0" Sugar and is instead ALL flavor.

The key features of the BBQ Rub are: Sugar free BBQ Rub. The rub is made natural and contains No MSG or flavor enhancers.  The rub is blended with fresh paprika, smoked salts, mustard, garlic and onions and this awesome Carolina BBQ Rub is made in the USA.  Get yours and add a pinch to sauteed potatoes and onions, or to perk up scrambled eggs. Simmer with rice, green peppers and tomatoes or coat generously on grilled pork or prawns. Enhance the flavor of beef ribs, chicken, fish, or your very own barbecue sauce and salsa creations.

Recommended Uses Awesome Carolina Sugar Free BBQ Rub: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Fish.

What can be better than more of this awesome seasoning.  You get 5 Lbs of flavor delivered to your in a specially sealed bag.  The seasonings can be used on an amazing amount of meats, ribs, chicken, fish, turkey, steaks and more.  If you are one of those people who had to limit their intake of sugars like many of us then you'll want this BBQ Rub.  This is an awesome deal and an awesome package at an awesome price which is one of the reasons we call it Awesome Carolina BBQ Rub.  Consider that you can do more with this Awesome Dry Rub.  You can do more ribs, more chicken, more steaks and just plain more of everything else you can get your hands on.  This is a great deal and great product that will help you meet the meanest barbecues and the largest crowds.  Never run out again when you bring home some of the best savory sugar free BBQ Rub in existence.  Get this great deal and this great rub Now.  

Comes in a clear container translucent double sealed bags that measure 10" X 10" average. Larger sizes are available. The large bags allow you to do more and make more take full advantage of the bulk quantities today.  

5 lbs Net Made In USA

5% of All Sales donated to Charity.

Get your Jake's Awesome Carolina BBQ Rub today and use Code: Barbecue10 to take 10% off the price now.  Get your discount and Buy this Best BBQ Rub today.


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