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Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe Easy and Fast How To UDS

  The other day I was tooling around our local grocery meat counter and I saw a small sectioned Beef Brisket Flat.  Immediately, I thought about the smells and tastes of Brisket.  I've had brisket in many forms but never in a one or two version fashion.  And it's not so much the fact that the meal was made for one or two but that there was a process that allowed someone to make it easily.  So, I set out to ... more info
Instant Pot BBQ Rib Recipe

  When the weather changes and cooking and grilling tend to move more indoors never fear that you can't have your favorite homemade ribs.  In fact, with our Instant Pot Ribs (IPR) Recipe you can have those famous homemade barbecue ribs anytime you want.  With our post and recipe, you'll be able to get the job done and enjoy those savory or sweet homemade barbecue ribs at your leisure.  Follow along with us as we take ... more info
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