The Best Awesome Dry Rub For Poultry and Chicken

The Best Awesome Dry Rub For Poultry and Chicken


BBQ Rubs are somewhat new in terms of time. Most chicken over the years was either grilled or baked. BBQ rubs for poultry and chicken work just like marinades getting past the outer layer of skin then quickly get into the meat to deliver the awesome flavor of the bbq chicken rub.

BBQ Rubs and Types

BBQ Poultry rubs have come in basic salt and pepper versions to more elaborate ones with rosemary, sage, onion powder, cardamom and so on. BBQ Chicken as simple as it is can be made more savory with a simple dry rub that imparts flavor then works to improve the taste of the chicken. Take for example Jake's California Chicken BBQ Rub a combined blend of garlic, smoked salts, onion powder, and spices that took years to create but when added to chicken creates a wonderfully savory, flavorful taste full of spices and hints of turmeric. We've made bbq chicken rubs for years using some of the best natural ingredients you can buy.

Consider our best selection of bbq chicken rubs below that add flavor, add great taste and in some cases add hints of spiciness. Not to mention these bbq chicken focused rubs also improve and enhance the flavor of turkey, Cornish game hens, game birds, duck and more. Click on the links below to be taken to our very best bbq chicken rubs:

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For deeper prospective into these types of Best BBQ Rubs we offer the following.

Our Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub is excellent on chicken and chicken dishes.  The combination of chili powder, cayenne, smoked salt, garlic and spices combined with Hungarian Paprika present a wonderfully rich, full flavor on chicken.  The seasonings marinade deeply into the meat and are enhanced by the key elements of onion and garlic.  The BBQ Rub presents an awesome warm reddish color to the meat signifying that the seasonings have truly done their job.  In addition the flavors are true Southwestern with hints of peppers, spiciness and savory goodness. 

The Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub is perfect blend of smoked hickory salt, garlic, onions and coarse ground black pepper topped off with golden brown sugar to aid in the caramelizing of meats, ribs, steaks and more.  This is a perfect dry rub that delivers ultimate flavor to ribs, chicken and more.  This Best BBQ Rub gives you the sensation of Old West Texas barbecues with big round flavors perfect for your thickest steaks and ribs.  Ever had Dyno ribs before then this BBQ Rub is for you.

The California Chicken Rub is the perfect savory treat of garlic, turmeric, onion, smoked salt, and hints of cayenne.  This spice rub delivers the warm even flavors of a Sunday afternoon barbecue with friends and family.  Warm sun over your shoulder, rich barbecue smells wafting from the fence line and a cool drink in your hand.  Get ready for golden colored chicken because this BBQ Rub will deliver that flavor, taste and aroma.

Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub is one of the best Tri-Tip style dry rubs in existence.  Original Tri-Tip rubs are typified by a specific blend of coarse ground black pepper, salt and garlic which are the keys to this style rub.  We've taken that wonderful essence and built in a larger granule combination of Kosher salt, coarse ground black pepper, garlic just like the Western settlers would have made.  Imagine large wagon wheel barbecues with metal grates lowering and raising seasoned and marinated tri-tip to achieve the perfect peak flavor.  Slicing into these wonderfully warm and rich meats at just the right angle to produce the perfect chew.  Ever had a perfectly sliced tri-tip? We have and you will when you get your tri-tip, season it well and grill it perfectly with just the right amount of indirect heat.  You will love this Pure Santa Maria seasoning either on a warm sunny day or a cool fall this is the perfect seasoning for tri-tip roast barbecues.  


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