BBQ Rubs, Beef and Rib Rubs - Which is Best

BBQ Rubs, Beef and Rib Rubs - Which is Best


BBQ Rubs borne around some of the best Western, Mid Western and Eastern bread beef stock. Why because after eating so much great beef even that fantastic flavor can get a little old. BBQ Rubs improve and enhance the delicate flavors of beef. A good beef BBQ rub can change a dull meal into a surprising escape of natural and authentic flavors. Join us as we present information to help you determine which of our Best BBQ Rubs is the best for your beef, chicken and ribs.  

BBQ Rub and Beef History

Beef BBQ rubs started simply on trail drives as combinations of rock salt and pepper. Later the beef BBQ rub was improved with garlic and hints of spices just enough to add a subtle hint of that exclusive flavor. Later, came talk of caramelizing and creating a nice golden brown crust on meats. These Beef BBQ rubs were enhanced with golden brown sugar in combination with rich spices. Some of the best Beef BBQ Rubs in the world are made with ingredients that are simple and can be found in your own kitchen cabinet.

Jake's BBQ Rubs are natural combinations of salts, peppers, chilies, sugars, spices and more all combined to create the perfect blend that improves and enhances without overpowering the richness of the meat. See below for our listing of favorite easy to use Beef BBQ Rubs:

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A Story about Beef Rubs

I recently had an opportunity to speak to one of our customers regarding their BBQ efforts.  The customer was very complementary of one of our premium dry rubs and spent time going over just how many different ways they were able to use the Best BBQ Rub.  I chimed in with similar comments noting how we produced the product a number of years ago with the express purpose of having the dry rub as versatile as possible.  The BBQ Rub appearing on our listing above was the Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub.  And when we talk about Rubs we must spend time talking and understanding the true purpose of rubs and seasonings.  Rubs and seasonings are meant to enhance the flavor of meats and not so much to mask the flavor.  For thousands of years our ancestors have used different seasonings to improve the flavor of meats.  The most comment and prominent seasoning of all time was salt.  Salt has been used in hundreds of ways to preserve and improve the flavor of meats.  Salt is required as part of your daily nutrient support.  And no matter what you eat or take whether it be pills for health or donuts for taste they all contain salt. And of course the amount of sodium contained in various foods will differ such that you daily intake of salt and the sodium contained in it is altered to effect your overall health. 

These same ancestors learned over time with shipping routes and the transportation of spices from around the world that meats could be greatly improved.  When Chefs began experimenting with things like cumin, and oregano and peppercorns, and of course garlic they were able to make some astoundingly simply and tasty meals.  

As for our focus on the best BBQ Rubs for meats we've found that our stable of dry rubs has some particularly good offerings when it comes to the best item category.  Take for example our Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub was created as an authentic specific dry rub for the enhancement of Tri-Tip and steak related meats.  Tri-Tip as you may know is a cut of meat that comes from the fore section of the beef cow and can be quite tough when cooked.  Most tri-tip when sold in the early days was sold as stew meats.  These stew meats were combined in pots with vegetables and spices and cooked endlessly for many, many hours until the meat was tender and the flavor was peaked.  This Pure Santa Maria is perfect for beef related rubs in that it pairs extremely well with the flavor of the meat even enhancing the overall taste.  The combination of Garlic, Black Pepper, Salt and combinations of Parsley, along with a couple key ingredients creates a superior rub that you should use as often as you can.

The Memphis Blues Sugar Free Rub is that rub for people like me who may begin to develop a sensitivity to high amounts of sugar or glucose intact.  This is an excellent rub the blends together traditional Memphis style dry rub spices like, celery, garlic, paprika, cumin, pepper, salts and more to enhance this overall dry rub leaving and amazing Memphis style flavor on meats.

Our Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub as we mentioned is a superior dry rub taking into account all of the basic requirements of dry rubs and enhancing them with things like golden brown sugar, mixed blends of tarragon and oregano along with smoked hickory salt and granulated garlic.  The rub delivers a savory, subtle sweet taste on meats and provides excellent caramelization for heightening the flavors of beef.

Each of these Best BBQ Rubs is superior in quality and flavor.  We hope that this information helped you determine which of these Rubs you will use for your favorite cuts of meat.    



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