Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce 12 Oz 2 Pack

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Our Maple Bourbon bbq Sauce 2 Pack is a luxurious BBQ Sauce Special designed around the finest Southern award winning barbecues. This all around heavenly barbecue sauce is made of lush Maple flavors combined with natural Bourbon flavors paired with a rich warm palate pleasing blend of penetrating barbecue sauce that gets deep down into the meat to deliver flavor taking the mouthwatering words right out of our mouths.

The balance between the complex flavors of Bourbon and the simplistic natural flavors of Maple is uncanny. When both are added to a base of tomatoes, garlic and onions such as in BBQ Sauce then the end result is awesome. One whiff of this aromatic blend and one is transported through images of the Old South on a Sunday afternoon while some sip Mint Julips on the Veranda. As a flavoring component Maple and Bourbon have been known to reach deeply into the very essence of meats to deliver a warm natural flavor with subtle hints of sweetness.

Our special is 2 bottles of Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce at a low low price.

Experience this all new taste sensation now and allow your taste buds to experience true Southern Style Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce for Sale.

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