Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub 2 Pack 5 Oz

Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub 2 Pack 5 Oz

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IN STOCK: Jake's Southwestern Hickory Smoked Dry rub 2 pack special is excellent for fish, steaks, Chicken, pork, Tri Tip and more.

This is the perfect BBQ Rub for delivering amazing flavor combined with hints of garlic, smoked salt, cayenne, chili powder and rich maple sugar that enhances the taste of your fish, chicken, ribs, shellfish, steaks and more.  The rub contains a wonderful blend of New Mexico Chili Powder, Maple Sugar, Black Pepper, Garlic, and Cumin with hints of smokiness and the faintest bits of Cayenne peppers.  It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory with fantastic maple sugar aroma blended with perfect bits of cayenne.

We often speak with reverance regarding the spices and seasonings that make up our wonderful products.  We do so because of the Key Benefits they offer to every person that uses them.  Benefits like the fact that these Best BBQ Rubs are composed of excellent natural spices. The Rub contains no MSG or chemicals and is low in sodium.   Our Rub contains Oregano which maintains high antioxidant properties and is a member of the mint family.   Chili pepper maintains an excellent amount of chemical compounds, which are known to help users prevent disease and promote health. Parsley is rich in vitamin K and C.  Parsley acts as a natural diuretic that improves manganese absorption to improve overall health.  In addition Parsley aids in kidney support.  Cumin seeds contain a number of phyto-chemicals, which are known to have carminative, antioxidant & anti-flatulent properties. Garlic has some amazing properties in that it helps destroy cancer cells and it can disrupt the development of tumor cells.  Black Pepper helps increase gut motility and digestion power by boosting gastro intestinal enzyme secretion.  Used extensively in a myriad of dishes Black Pepper has vast antioxidant properties and can improve the absorption of selenium, curcumin, and vitamin B.  Smoked salt helps enhance the flavors of a dish rather than modify them. Salt draws water out of cells by osmosis thus making it hard for many micro-organisms to survive, which makes it ideal for food preservation. Of course these are not all of the benefits but some of the most prominent.  

A couple of customer testimonials for your review:

L. Torson:

"We buy a lot of seasonings and are always looking  for something new.  We saw Jake's Famous Southwestern Hickory Rub recently and decided to try it out.  We are pleasantly surprised.  My family and I noted the amazing aromas during the grilling process and the nice red color of our ribs.  Our neighbors think we added extra smoke ring to the ribs but we won't tell them.  Instead we told them to get Jake's Famous Southwestern Hickory Rub.  It has an old West flavor that we will enjoy over and over."

S. Valon:

I BBQ regularly and tried your Southwestern Rub.  All I have to say is this is the best Southwestern Style Rub I've ever tried.  I will be sending samples to my friends.  Great job Jake."

With these Best BBQ Rub seasonings you can make golden mouthwatering BBQ Ribs, Red Snapper, Talapia, Chilean sea bass, salmon, chicken legs, thighs and wings that are juicier, tastier and more full of flavor than you've ever had before.  Perfect for roasting, and even better on the grill. Extremely versatile seasonings that can be mixed into chili or direct sprinkled to make seasoned French fries.   Mix with mustard and prepare ribs for the grill.

Best Uses for Jake's Southwestern Hickory Smoked Dry Rub for Sale

Recommended Uses: Salmon, Sea Bass, Snapper, Pork ribs, chicken, steaks, dry rub BBQ ribs, beef ribs, and Tri Tip. 

Easy to use: Just shake on the Southwestern Hickory Smoked BBQ Rub special Seasoning wrap and rest for 45 minutes or more.  This dry rub because of its all natural ingredients does not require rubbing.

Our Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub is full bright flavors of spicy and inviting dry rub. Richness and awesome taste combined in an exceptional shake on Rib Rub.

Step up to this fantastic BBQ Rib Rib and Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub combination.

Southwestern Hickory formerly (Santa Barbara Smoked BBQ Rub) 5 Oz

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