Sriracha Ketchup Sauce 2 Pack

Sriracha Ketchup Sauce 2 Pack

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Ever had a really great All Sriracha Natural Ketchup?

This Sriracha Spicy Ketchup Sauce Combination is an excellent jumping off point for those who enjoy wonderfully made, clean ketchup with just the right levels of spiciness. How about flavor and satisfaction combined, well this Spicy Sriracha Ketchup has it all right down to the red ripe Sunny California tomatoes. This is not just run of the mill ketchup sauce but a full flavored satisfying reach in the new world of ketchup that is bursting with flavor ready to knock your socks off with taste. This Sriracha Ketchup sauce is purposely combined with our classic style Ball Park ketchup to give you the best results.

This fantastic Sriracha Ketchup Sauce Combo 2 Pack

This amazing taste treat is now available in a discounted two pack, that's right get two of these wonderfully blended Sriracha Ketchup sauce for just a fraction of what they would normally cost.

One afternoon some friends and I thought we would make some Sriracha inspired French Fries. Seemed simple enough, all we needed were some firm potatoes and good quality Sriracha Ketchup. Since we make the Sriracha Ketchup that was easily on hand and we just happened to have a few nice and firm red skinned potatoes sitting around.

We decided to use a tried and true method to make the fries. We sliced them down and put them in cold water rinsing them for the first minute then letting them rest in the water for about an hour. Afterward we found ourselves and deep pot and added about 1/2 its depth in cooking oil. We brought the oil to about 300 degrees. Once the temperature was reached we tossed the fries on a paper towel to remove the excess water then slowly added the fries to the oil. Of course at this point you want to make sure you've got either a fan running or your doors are open to remove the potatoes and oil smell. Now here's where it gets interesting....we only cooked the fries for about 3 minutes just enough to make them soft. We removed the fries onto a paper towel draining them. The oil was allowed to rise to 400 degrees at which time we put the fries back in and continuing the cooking process. The result...extra crispy French Fries....once all done and with the fries resting on paper towels to drain any excess oil we shook on some Jake's Famous Santa Barbara Smoked Seafood Rub.

I'm sure your thinking...Seafood Rub? Yes, Seafood Rub...this rub at one time was called Southwestern Hickory because of the rich flavors and deep taste it gives. The dry rub has hints of Cayenne, Chili, Powder, Garlic and our very own Maple Sugar to rise the flavor level. Now with the seasoning on comes the Sriracha Ketchup. Now my friends like theirs straight on the top, while I prefer to have the Ketchup just next to the fries. Well we did the rock, paper, scissors thing and I won so on the side of the plate it was... These are exceptionally wonderful fries that we will be making again, and again. Get your hands on our Sriracha Ketchup for pure Ketchup flavor with awesome Sriracha spiciness.

Grab yourselves a Sriracha Ketchup Sauce Combo 2 Pack and see what all the award winning fuss is about.



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