Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub 12 Oz 2 Pack

Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub 12 Oz 2 Pack

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Jake's Famous Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub is the perfect blend of spices and seasonings to give you mouthwatering flavor when you grill Baby Back Ribs, Salmon, Catfish, and virtually any other type of seafood.  And not just seafood but pork, turkey and beef will stand up with flavor when you generously apply this ultimate brand of seasonings. What could be better than combining Natural herbs and spices in a savory blend with hints of maple sugar, cayenne, chili powder, garlic, onions, smoked salt and more to permeate fish and meats.

Jake's Famous Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub

Jake's Famous Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub is made in the USA.  The rub is natural without chemicals or MSG.  The rub marinates better as it uses balanced amounts of herbs and spices.  Ribs are made easily when these spices are shaken on and allowed to rest.  This is a Low Sodium seasoning containing ample amounts of Maple Sugar for Easily caramelizing meats and creating nice crust. The finished tone is slightly reddish in color.  This rub is also presented in 5 Oz, 48 Oz, 5 Lb, and 10 Lb versions to ensure you get all the dry rub you need when you want it.  

Our Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub is a rich and delicious all natural New Mexico styled rub. Perfectly blended with New Mexico chile powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, Hungarian paprika and more. This delightful balance of herbs, spices and salts combine to enhance the flavor of beef, chicken, seafood, chops, steaks and a whole host of vegetables, potatoes, and snacks. Blended in our standard natural form these BBQ rub spices and seasonings are free of preservatives, gluten, MSG and artificial sweeteners.

This Southwestern Hickory Barbecue Rub is in a granule powder form and is sprinkled or spooned onto meat. The rub has a slight spicy note as is designed to compliment a number of fish and meat dishes without overpower the flavor of the dish. You can achieve amazing results by shaking on then wrapping the meat and letting it rest in the rub for about 45 minutes to an hour. Grilling is easy just place on a grill with medium to medium high heat at about 225 degrees for slow barbecuing or 275 degrees for quicker barbecue.

A number of years back I would travel to Portland, Oregon to do demonstrations of our products.  I traveled to a little market in the Forest Hills region of Portland where I met the owners Jan and Richard.  Richard had been a butcher for years and Jan had practically grown up in the grocery business.  So, when the two met they discussed some day starting a little store in their area.  The store sold meats, cheeses and sauces along with dry goods centered around the cooking experience. Jan, Richard and I having met at a Food show decided that it would be good to present our products in their store to the locals.  So away we went to begin the day.

The day began with the standard start out of set up and positioning of products.  After an hour of demo we noticed just how informed the customer base was on our products and how much we were able to sell.  In addition to sales we noticed an odd line that had formed just outside the store about 15 people deep.  Within the store was a deli counter that served meats, cheeses and some specialty item sandwiches.  But the line didn't seem to be focused on the sandwiches.  Instead the recipients seemed to be carrying out sealable plastic bags.  Each having a noticeable smile on their faces and motioning thank you as they waved good bye at 11 AM.  Later I asked Richard just what was the deal with the line and the plastic bags and he told me an interesting story.  

One afternoon he and Jan decided they would make ribs on their backyard grill.  They pulled out the ribs did all the standard cleaning and preparation and by chance decided to test the samples we'd sent them a week before.  Along with the samples was a note I sent suggesting that they test out the Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub on a rack of ribs.  So the choice was made to test out the Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub that week using a set of ribs. Richard trimmed the previous day. Everything was set to perform the test but oddly enough for some reason their outdoor grill did not work so thinking quickly they decided to opt for the oven.  Using the oven they knew would get the job done but they wouldn't be able to get the smokiness they wanted.  Richard in his earlier days worked in the restaurant business and knew of a easy technique which would deliver subtle amounts of smoke. Richard seasoned the ribs generously and did not add any other seasoning or marinade.  The ribs rested for about 45 minutes just as I had instructed to do so.  So after 2 hours in the oven they pulled out the ribs and allowed them to rest.  They tested the ribs and were flabbergasted with just how good they turned out.  The ribs were tender and smoky and presented with a slightly reddish color and an almost subtle spiciness backed by the hints of rich chili powder and garlic.  These were great ribs that they believed would sell well in their store.  

The next week they began sampling the ribs with their customers.  The tests went better than expected with customers pre-ordering ribs for the next day. Working full days at the store left little time to make the ribs so they decided on a pre-marinade step with cooking to occur overnight.  Just before leaving for the end of the day they would place the ribs on trays then preset their large oven to begin the cooking process well into the night.  When they walked in the next morning the store was filled with a wonderful aroma for smokiness, savoriness and flavors all combined to signal a delightful meal ahead.  It wasn't long after that word spread about the rib sales.  Pre-orders began to stack up to the point that each night they would produce over 30 racks of ribs.  The line that formed outside was the cue for picking up the ribs each day.  Some hopped in line in hopes that others would somehow forget about the pre-orders and that they would be the beneficiaries.  This line shed an enormous amount of light on how and why our demo sales that day went so well.  We sold out of everything and the Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub was the first thing to go.  

Our Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub is blended with New Mexico Chili, paprika, notes of maple sugar, and hand selected spices to create a rich, sumptuous gourmet dry seasoning rub.  This seasoning is quick, convenient and easy to use.  Excellent for slow cooked ribs, salmon, seafood, lamb, chicken and baked potatoes.  Generously sprinkle the seasoning on your favorite meat. Let the meat rest for 45 minutes the grill pan fry or broil until done.     

Our Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub is now available in a Special 2 Pack. Make more hamburgers, more steaks, more chicken, more ribs and just plain more.

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Jake's Famous Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub VOTED BEST NEW PRODUCT 2007, 2008

Comes in flexible container with spoon and sifter top. Container measures 2.5" diam. x 6" high. Larger sizes available.

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