Memphis Sugar Free MSG Free BBQ Rub 48 Oz

Memphis Sugar Free MSG Free BBQ Rub 48 Oz

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Introducing our 48 Oz  Memphis Style Dry Rub sugar free barbecue rub, all of the flavor and none of the guilt of sugar in the extra size traditional Memphis dry rub.  

What makes a traditional Memphis Style Dry Rub.  Memphis dry rubs are characterized by  blend of herbs and spices like Paprika, Garlic, Mustard, Chili Pepper and hints of onion and an almost celery like aroma.  Memphis rubs are traditionally used on ribs and I mean lots of ribs, pork or beef.  But don't let that stop you from using it on chicken, fish, and in eggs like I do.  I love using it in soups and sprinkling on foods you wouldn't normally think you would like "Chinese Food" or Catfish and other fish styles. 

I'm sure you've all heard that in Memphis are two basic styles of food conflict...either (wet or dry).  While we won't get involved in the controversy what we will do is take this favored blend of spices to make some incredible dishes.  So, let's talk about how to use it.  We believe that the flavor is presented at its peak when the seasoning rub is allowed to rest and be absorbed by the meat for at least 2 hours.  We also believe you give yourselves the best opportunities for flavor when the meat has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared.  If you want to know how we do it just follow our "how to clean ribs" link.  Once the ribs have been cleaned and before the seasoning goes on we have one more basic step.  This involves the use of basic level, everyday yellow mustard which is used as a pre-marinade for the meat.  The meat is completely coated with the yellow mustard then allowed to rest for at least 1 to 2 hours.  Most times I will coat the meat placing it in a plastic bag afterward then resting it in the fridge overnight.  After resting I will remove the meat from the bag at room temperature then completely cover the meat with the Memphis Sugar Free Dry Rub.  Again after coating the meat is rested in the fridge again for at least two hours before the grilling and barbecue process begins.

After the final resting time I will most likely smoke the meat.  I find that the addition of wood smoke really heightens the flavor the meat while also making it tender.  I also like using the 3-2-1 process, smoking the ribs for 3 hours until the meat reaches at least 200 degrees.  Then I will wrap the meat in most likely aluminum foil or if you have it use butcher paper very tightly.  If I use aluminum foil I will at this point consider adding additional flavors like pomegranate or peaches or orange flavors.  I add a couple slices of butter then about 1/8 cup of whatever liquid then seal the meat with the foil.  The sealed package is added back to the grill at the same level of heat that originally cooked the ribs.  After Two Hours I make a decision regarding the moisture levels of the meat.  If the meat is too moist I will open the foil on the grill then allow the meat to continue cooking for about 15 minutes.  Once done I will reseal the package then remove it either to my oven or a container that can hold the heated meat for at least 1/2 to 1 hour to complete the 3-2-1 process.  

With this best of Memphis traditional sugar free dry rub you get awesome flavor and none of the unwanted sugar.  And having traveled in and around Memphis we were privy to some of the areas best barbecue restaurants and BBQ joints conversing with the cooks and chefs at each stop.  These folks all know what they're doing and we pay homage to their hard work with our Memphis Style BBQ Dry Rub.  

Some have asked can the Memphis be rubbed onto pork butt, ribs and pork loin with BIG full flavors that are bold and audacious. The answer is YES it can.  If you love the taste of Memphis and traditional Memphis style flavors then left this dry rub fill your mouth with the richness of chili powder, garlic, paprika and smoked salts to wake up those dormant taste buds.

Believe me once you taste our Memphis Rub and whether you say "Memfus" or Murmphis you'll know you're having the best tasting BBQ rub this side of the Mason -Dixon Line.

The Best of Memphis Blues Style BBQ.

Made In The USA this rub combines all natural ingredients and does not use MSG or other artificial ingredients and will impart flavor while complementing the existing taste of the meat. The rub is in granule powder form and can be sprinkled or spooned onto meat. The rub is easy and convenient to use saving time.

We've found that this Memphis Blues Style BBQ Rub 48 Oz version is excellent for large scale barbecues.  We've used it with the Elks Club and large scale city wide barbecue contests and more and have never been disappointed.  Each time we serve this rub on ribs we get great comments from folks who say they are reminded of Memphis style barbecues with this BBQ Rub.  

Ingredients as Listed for Memphis Blues Style BBQ Rub for sale:

  • Spices (including Mustard), Paprika, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic & Onion, Turmeric, Chili Pepper, Natural Hickory Smoke, Silicon Dioxide (Anti-Caking Agent)



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  • Manufactured by: Jake's Famous Foods


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