Tolosa Pointe Red Oak Wood Chips and Flavor Pellets

Tolosa Pointe Red Oak Wood Chips and Flavor Pellets

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Tolosa Pointe Red Oak Wood Chips for smoking, grilling, and barbecue is the perfect right sized variety pack of 100% All Natural Red Oak Wood Chips combined with 100% Cherry Wood flavor pellets.  In this pack we give you more wood and more pellets without the starter bundle.  For those who know what's up and want to get straight to the good stuff while the fire is still hot.  

How many times have you started a barbecue or gone to a friend's house for a quick barbecue and realized that you came empty-handed or you just didn't want to have to lug a 20 lb bag of wood chips or briquettes to their party.  Well now, you don't have to lug all that weight.  You can bring our 100% All Natural wood chunks in our handy combo pack that gives you not only wood chucks for grilling, or smoking wood but an honest to goodness real Santa Maria Valley Red Oak wood collection that features just enough wood chips for two on the spot barbecues or grilling sessions along with peak flavor Cherry Wood pellets.  

For those in the know and for those who are discovering Red Oak Wood and primarily Tri Tip grilling the awesome flavor is determined by the right type of wood you use.  Now is your chance to use the wood that has been used to deliver that authentic Santa Maria Valley Tri Tip taste for the last 100 years.  

The beauty of Red Oak is that it is a hard wood straight from the Central Coast of California that burns slowly and evenly. California red oak truly is the only way to get the flavors of authentic Santa Maria Style Barbecue in your barbecue and meats as you grill. The aromatic smoke generated by the smoldering chips imparts the distinct pleasant character of the California’s Central Coast where on almost any weekend you can find big cast iron grates layered with pounds and pounds of Tri Tip roasts grilled and smoked to perfection while the wood delivers a mellow sweet flavor to every piece. 

The chips come in a handy, resealable bag along with flavor pellets in their own resealable bag.  Get this awesome variety pack to see what everyone is talking about.  I'm sure you've thought about getting the right gift for that person or persons in your life that grills, well this is the perfect smoker, grilling, barbecue gift.  Add to Cart now.  


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