Tolosa Pointe Gift Box, Seasonings Set Red Oak Wood Chips

Tolosa Pointe Gift Box, Seasonings Set Red Oak Wood Chips

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Introducing our Tolosa Pointe Gourmet Big Gift Box, Seasoning Set and Variety Gift Pack - a journey into flavors that will elevate your culinary creations! We provide the wood smoke flavor tools you need to bring your meats to their next level and when combined with our very own uniqe blend of seasoning packets with four distinct 3 Oz dry rubs: Creamy Ranch Santa Maria Seasoning, Big Butt Carolina Seasoning, Baja Fish Seasoning, and Texas SPG Seasoning. This collection is a must-have for every kitchen enthusiast.

Ever thought...well we have the wood but NO seasonings or we have the seasonings but NO wood to achieve that perfect tri tip...never again with our newest red oak smoker chips and 4 purpose built dry rub seasonings.  Imagine fully seasoning your tri tip, salmon, poultry and you are now ready to grill with 100% natural red oak smoker chips.  Just add 5 Oz any fire for immediate red oak flavor.  Add Cherry wood flavor pellets to heighten the flavor of meats like tri tip, pork butt or prime rib roasts.  

Versatile: Whether you're grilling pork ribs, searing salmon, roasting chicken, or smoking a juicy steak or brisket, our variety pack has you covered.

Big Butt Carolina Seasoning: This Southern-inspired seasoning is perfect for pork ribs and other pork cuts.

Baja Fish Seasoning: Elevate your seafood game with our Baja Fish Seasoning. This zesty blend of spices enhances the natural flavors of salmon and other fish.

Creamy Ranch Santa Maria Seasoning: Ideal for chicken, this infuses your poultry with the rich and creamy flavors of ranch, combined with bold Santa Maria spices, creating a mouthwatering and savory sensation.

Texas SPG Seasoning: For the steak aficionados, our Texas SPG (Salt, Pepper, Garlic) Seasoning is your go-to choice. It's a classic blend that enhances beef, making your steaks tender, juicy, and packed with flavor.

With our Ultimate Red Oak Smoker Chips and Dry Rub Seasoning Variety Pack, you'll become the master of the grill!


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