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  • Pure Santa Maria Best BBQ Rub for Tri Tip, ribs 5 Oz

    Randy F.
    I met Jake at a vendor event at Whole Foods in Laguna Niguel. Of all the featured vendors Jakes BBQ sauce made the biggest impact on me. I was a little disappointed I couldn't purchase his sauce on the spot, but he referred me to The Meat House in Mission Viejo where I went the next day and bought 2 bottles of The Original Mild as well as a bottle of his Steaks, Tri-Tip and Rib Rub.

    I was already planning on making ribs that night so it worked out perfectly! My Dad is a big BBQ'er do I had him over for baby backs. I make pretty good ribs, but Jakes Sauce put me over the top and I am now the King of Ribs in the family. I didn't want to share my new secret with my Dad, but that would be a complete disservice to Jake and my Dad.

    By the way, when I bought the sauce at The Meat House, the cashier had a lot of great things to say about Jake and his products.

    Thanks Jake, love your sauce and rubs, just delicious!
  • Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub 5 Oz Premium Version

    Sam Q.
    Had Jake's new Santa Barbara Smoked Seafood rub last night and it was amazing. How does he do it over and over again with these fantastic rubs? I mean this stuff is smoky, flavorful, tasty and goes on real easy. I used it on some scallops and pollock and it was great. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. My next order is coming in a couple of days. - Sammy
  • Pure Santa Maria Best BBQ Rub for Tri Tip, ribs 5 Oz

    Nicole H.
    Delicious!!! Love this plain as a dry rub or also mixing it a little with the other rubs too! Can't live without it!!!
34–36 of 47 items