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Marinade for Pork Ribs marinade pour cote de porc barbecue

  Marinade for Pork Ribs marinade pour cote de porc and Marinating in general is the process of placing meats and other items into a solution that allows it to be absorbed into the item. In our case acidic element like citrus juice or vinegar is added in combination with a series of sugars and salts are used to create tenderness in meats. Natural elements like pineapple, papaya, ginger, vinegar, lemon, and citrus are many times the base of ... more info
Grill Vents Should They be OPENED or CLOSED for grilling

We've been asked this question in so many forms that it begs an answer. And that answer is YES! BBQ Vents should be Open when grilling . But after that question usually comes the next question, By How Much or How do you use them? To answer this question we really need to understand a few things namely your grill type, what you're grilling, when you are grilling it and where you're grilling it. So, let's get you the information ... more info
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