Tangy BBQ Chicken in Sauce Recipe

Tangy BBQ Chicken in Sauce Recipe


Superb BBQ Chicken Recipe spices in Tangy Mustard makes this gourmet dish a joy for all chicken lovers.

Ingredients for Tangy BBQ Chicken in Sauce

  • 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 3/4 cup yellow mustard
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar, packed
  • 1/3 cup cider vinegar
  • 1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 T Jake's Famous Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub


Our BBQ Chicken Recipe in Tangy Mustard Sauce starts with boneless, skinless Chicken breasts. Some say that boneless breasts will dry out faster than bone-in breasts and this may be true but not in our recipe. We’ll be preparing the chicken by first ensuring that is it clean and ready for our premium ingredients. Secondly, we’ll ensure that the chicken is moist and ready to receive our preparatory coating. We’ll be using a marinade of yellow mustard, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce. We’ll make a nice blend of the ingredients then we’ll coat each breast thoroughly with the mixture. Following that we’ll leave the breasts to rest in the mixture for about 1 hour.

After the 1 hour resting period we’ll be bringing the chicken up in flavor by adding one of our Famous dry rubs. We like the contrast between the mustard, Worcestershire combination and our Southwestern Hickory Rub. The dry rub is natural, blended with copious amounts of Hungarian Paprika, Chili Powder, Smoked Kosher Salt and Maple Sugar not to mention all the other spices and ingredients. This is a perfect dry rub that adds an enormous amount of flavor to the meat with a very satisfying pinch of heat. Once the natural dry rub has been added to the BBQ Chicken Recipe we’ll let the chicken rest for another hour. The hour will further confirm the addition of the dry rub by layering in the taste. Now comes the fun part, the bbq cooking.

We’ll be doing some open grilling of the BBQ chicken breasts. We’ll need some standard no-light charcoal briquettes, some wood chunks and of course a charcoal bbq grill. I would suggest a chimney starter that can collect the briquettes and light them in preparation of the barbecue. In addition this entire process should take about 1 hour from start to finish. That essentially means once the chicken is marinated and rested we combine the time in which the charcoal burns and reaches it optimum temperature plus the time it takes to grill the chicken breasts.

In addition we’ll be making a Bourbon Glaze Sauce that can be ladled onto a plate along side the chicken if desired. Even simpler is to heat some of our Jake’s Famous barbecue sauce and reserve that along side the finished barbecue.

Grill or broil chicken until done. Optionally you can baste the chicken with the reserved bbq sauce and cook for additional 10 minutes. The Chicken is done when no longer pink in center. You may now serve the chicken along with the reserved sauce.

Our BBQ Chicken recipes provide you the best in flavor and taste much like our popular mouthwatering savory dry rubs. Jake's Famous brand Pure Santa Maria Rub is excellent for chicken, tri tip, steaks, ribs and more. This key dry rub will build new levels of flavor onto chicken recipes and is our go to at practically every barbecue our Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub for sale are both superior blends of herbs and spices that improve upon the old standard Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken Recipes.

Over the years our Chicken Rub has become a main line staple on the barbecue scene.  True Barbecue Chicken recipes require time and patience and most people buy them because they understand the time and energy it takes to produce and exceptional tasting meal.  We season our Chicken with our then we let the Barbecue Chicken preparation marinate in the dry rub seasoning for a minimum of an hour. The Chicken after preparation is covered and placed in a fridge on a middle shelf during the marinating process. If we choose to smoke the chicken we complete the process by using wood fire (Red Oak) or Charcoal with smoking chips. If using smoking chips make sure you soak the chips in water for at least 2 hours. Then put a handful of chips on the coals or in a smoke box once you have reached the right temperature for smoking.  I take BBQ Sauce or our special recipe Bourbon Glaze warm that and hold for serving with the Brisket.  That warmed sauce becomes more of a condiment at this point and my guests are afforded the opportunity to lather on as much sauce as they prefer during their eating process. 

If your time is critical we can give you more time more efficiently by reducing the amount of it you waste on non productive things especially during a barbecue. To that end we are listing some of the key dry rubs we use when making our barbecue chicken recipe. We have also listed an additional barbecue chicken recipe to give you options on just how to use your sauces.

Tri Tip, Steak and Rib Rub

A full flavored dry rub recipe with bold hints of smoked hickory salt, rich brown sugar, savory granulated garlic, onions, coarse ground black pepper and the most perfect blend of tarragon and oregano.

Santa Maria Pure Dry Rub

Rich awesome tri-tip roast flavors combining granulated garlic, ground black pepper, kosher salt, the freshest parsley and hints of onion and mustard.

Southwestern Hickory BBQ Rub

Life is better when the perfect blend of spices and herbs join together to improve your life and tastes.  This righteous blend of New Mexico Chili powder, cayenne, smoked hickory salt, golden brown sugar, granulated garlic, onion and more make this the quintessential dry rub.  A rub that not only delivers its best flavors to perfect brisket but increase peak flavor with the right hints of smokiness.  This is a keystone dry rub in our stable of rubs.  And right now this dry rub could be yours.

Accompaniments for Tangy BBQ Chicken

After seasoning and grilling your chicken recipe allow the chicken at least 4 to 5 minutes to rest. Plate the chicken with baked potato, asparagus or broccoli combination. Also a rice pilaf is a nice compliment to the barbecue.

USDA Cooking Temperatures for Chicken

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