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JTs Texas Cheese Kiss Recipe

JTs Texas Cheese Kiss Recipe


JT's Texas Cheese Kiss - Cheese Croissant Recipe with a kick!


Thanks to Jeff Thelen for his excellent contribution.


Cheese Kiss Ingredients:

Cheese Kiss Process

Step 1. Separate the crescent rolls (they will come out in two triangles)


Step 2. Make a square, pinch together and add a little flour, roll out to a 12"by 12" square


Step 3. Cook the chicken tenders adding a little salt and pepper and a generous pinch of Jake's tri-tip, steak and rib rub. When done, let cool and cube.


Step 4. Brush Jake's Really Good Original BBQ Sauce on the square crescent rolls


Step 5. Place the chicken and cubed cheese in the center of the square dough as round and high as allows


Step 6. Twist up the sides to resemble a Hershey's kiss (the cheese kiss flattens as it cooks, which is why you want to pile it as high as you can


Step 7. Place in oven until golden brown.


Step 8. ENJOY!


*This delicious Cheese Kiss appetizer can also be made with rib meat, steaks, even fish! It is a hit every time!!!


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