How To Get Wood Smoke Flavor Using A Gas Grill

How To Get Wood Smoke Flavor Using A Gas Grill


How do you get wood smoke flavor onto meats when using a gas grill? Learn how to use a Gas Grill deliver amazing wood flavor. 

Gas grills have become more efficient over the years.  Their single greatest advantage over charcoal grills is that heat is delivered quickly through the use of propane tanks.  The downside of immediate heat is that it often lacks the ability to impart flavors through wood smoke or otherwise.  New gas grills utilize small inset smoker boxes that rely on the heat generated from the grill to cause smoke to rise.  But no all grills have this option and users spend a lot of time managing grease smoke which in some cases can appear as wood smoke.  We got a solution to help you fix this problem just read on.

Much like charcoal grills smoke delivery is about time as the meat needs an adequate amount of it to absorb flavor and smoke. The minimum required time to achieve a decent smokiness is about 30 minutes.  This level of smoke will occur through some simple steps.  You will of course need some supplies.  You'll need the ability to soak wood chips.  You can do that in your sink if you've got the room.  I generally like to use a large plastic container in which I can place a suitable amount of chips then fill the remaining space with water.  What the ratio of chips to water you ask?  Typically, you need to have more water than chips.  And by that I mean if you have a container that is 2/3 full of chips you must have enough water to cover the chips and also enough residual water that can be absorbed by the chips without the chips going dry.  Using the 2 cups of water to 1 cup of chips is a good formula especially if you hold the chips overnight to achieve maximum absorption.

Consider the meat you intend to grill then select the wood chips you want to use.  Keep in mind that some woods deliver a better flavor than other especially on certain meats. See our wood smoking and chips guide to help select the appropriate chips for your meat.

After the chips have been properly soaked there are a couple of methods or ways in which to use them.  An old fashion method is to place a small aluminum container inside the grill on an area that will receive option heat.  Fill the container with water and chips and allow the water to boil creating a liquid steam and smoke delivery.  If you're not looking for wet smoke use the same metal box with just chips.  As the chips dry out they will steam and will begin to create smoke.  Keep in mind on a gas grill heating the grill for long periods is typically not necessary but it would be a good idea to have the grill at around 275 degrees with the lid down to get a jump on the smoking process.  The third way to use chips is to simply place them on an aluminum sheet at or near the meat.  Have one of your burners turned fairly low to create the steam transfer effect.  When the chips begin smoking keep an eye on the heat levels and always add some chips to the pile when checking the temperature of the meat.  Now it is possible to add too much smoke so for every pound of meat make sure you do not use more than a pound of chips.

Finally, what do you do with your left over chips.  One way is to use a large plastic bag and your refrigerator.  If you've got space in your freezer you place the bag of chips in to be held and frozen for your next BBQ.  When you need them you can just pop them onto the aluminum sheet or in the metal box to start the thawing process and to begin the smoke process.

Happy Wood Smoking!

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