JT's Texas Cheese Kiss Recipe

JT's Texas Cheese Kiss Recipe


 JT'sTexas Cheese Croissant Kiss Recipe - with a kick!

Thanks to Jeff Thelen for his excellent contribution.

Cheese Kiss Ingredients:

Texas Cheese Croissant Kiss Process:

Step 1. Separate the crescent rolls (they will come out in two triangles)

Step 2. Make a square, pinch together and add a little flour, roll out to a 12"by 12" square

Step 3. Cook the chicken tenders adding a little salt and pepper and a generous pinch of Jake's tri-tip, steak and rib rub. When done, let cool and cube.

Step 4. Brush Jake's Really Good Original BBQ Sauce on the square crescent rolls

Step 5. Place the chicken and cubed cheese in the center of the square dough as round and high as allows

Step 6. Twist up the sides to resemble a Hershey's kiss (the cheese kiss flattens as it cooks, which is why you want to pile it as high as you can

Step 7. Place in oven until golden brown.

Step 8. ENJOY!

*This delicious Cheese Kiss appetizer can also be made with rib meat, steaks, even fish! It is a hit every time!!!

Jeff Thelen is the creator of this lovely Cheese Croissant Kiss dish. We've had many a conversation about making the dish and the time an energy necessary to create something so unique.  I've told him a few times about the energy we use just to create one of the sauces or seasoning items and he's acknowledge the same amount of energy goes into creating a dish like this.  We always begin with the end in mind first.  We consider how we want the product to look and taste.  Then we consider the audience it will serve and most importantly we consider just what it will take to make the item.  Remember it does not one any good to create an amazing items that's so expensive that almost no one can make it.  What good is a $500 rack of ribs if you're average dishes cost at the max $50.  Jeff was explicit about making sure the ingredients you used could be found almost anywhere.  He stressed again and again quality and taste over looks.  Sometimes we are both real good at making things taste very good but not so good at making them look good.  But overall we hope that doesn't stop you from exploring this meal.  One thing Jeff did mention is that if you don't have the crescent rolls you can use pastry dough that will fluff up.  The end results will be very similar.  

So, give this dish the due time it deserves you will be pleased at the results and believe Jeff and I will thank you for it.  

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