Chicken Rub, Tri Tip Dry Rub 2 Pack

Chicken Rub, Tri Tip Dry Rub 2 Pack

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IN STOCK & GRILL READY: Jake's Famous Award Winning California Chicken Rub.

Jake’s Famous Award Winning Tri-Tip, Steak and Pork Rib Rub is the perfect pork dry rub that proves our Western heritage is alive and well with an essential blend of down home ranch style grilling seasonings.

Jake's Famous California Chicken Dry Rub is the real deal when it comes to perfectly seasoned and grilled chicken. This Excellent flavor, low sodium, reduced sugar, refined spice grilling rub stands ready to deliver a bold fresh taste to all of your grilling meats. The key features and benefits of our California Chicken Rub, Tri Tip Dry Rub 2 Pack are that each produces the true flavor of barbecue.  First by seasoning the meat and second by ensuring that the natural meat flavor is not obscured or changed in any way.  Our Seasonings add to the flavor of the meats and are made without chemicals or preservatives.  Our seasonings are low in sodium and create amazing flavors when combined with steaks, chicken, ribs, turkey and all other forms of grilling meats.  And as always our grilling Rubs are Made in USA.  

Here's What people are saying about our California Chicken Rub, Tri-Tip Dry Rub 2 Pack

Alan R. 

"I have been looking for sometime for a great barbecue combination to give as gifts.  I bought this thinking I would give it away.  But for some reason I decided to try it last Saturday on Chicken and Tri-Tip.  I have to say this rub was wonderful, some of the best I've ever used.  Maybe I will give it away next time I order.  Thanks for the great rub."

Dave P. 

"Great rub Jake.  I like the Chicken and Tri-Tip combination especially the brown sugar element in the Tri-Tip Rub.  Really nice for the tip and the chicken."


California Chicken Rub Tri Tip Dry Rub Ranch Barbecue:

Not long ago my friends and I decided to barbecue.  We'd been working on some ranches helping out friends that also had a small winery on their property.  The winery measured about 20 acres and sometimes when the price of wine grapes were low they would allow the grapes to turn into raisins and sell them off to co-ops that sold to companies making cereal.  The friends said they were of course going to make Tri-Tip and  chicken along with those mighty wonderful pinquito beans and garlic bread and some of their famous fried potatoes and salsa.  

Now, we've tried to make pinquito beans six ways from Sunday but have never been able to quite get the cooking process right.  So, I told my friends if they would teach me their secret recipe then I would provide the seasoning for their barbecue.  It was an easy trade for me and while they may have gotten the upper hand I certainly benefited by learning a recipe that I had long since desired.  Bill and my friends prepped the chicken with yellow mustard and while they were at it used the yellow mustard on the tri-tip as well.  Little did I know they had secretly planned to talk me into using my seasonings on the meat and so the meat had actually been resting in their fridge a whole day before.  They laughed a little knowing that they had somehow gotten one over me but in the big picture I didn't really mind.  

I chose for the Chicken our amazingly flavorful California Chicken Rub.  This rub is clean and natural with hints of garlic, smoked salts, paprika, turmeric and just the slightest hint of cayenne.  This is a maximum flavored rub suitable for not only chicken but ribs and steaks along with vegetables.  This rub contains no chemical enhancers so you get the real flavor of foods without it being enhanced by things like MSG or some preservative.  The Chicken BBQ Rub produces this wonderful golden color on meat which not only enhances and titillates the visual along with your taste buds.  We seasoned up the chicken and let the meat rest an additional hour.  We wanted to get the flavor deep down into the meat so that we could taste it through every bite. 

After the California Chicken Rub we seasoned up the Tri-Tip.  For this meat we used our Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub.  This was an easy call because the rub is one of our very favorites on versatile meats like tri-tip and ribs. Whenever I want to make a simple rib recipe my hand automatically reaches for the Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub primarily because these truly are our Best BBQ Rubs.  When the tri-tip was seasoned all over this too was allowed to rest an additional 1 hour period along side the chicken.  

Now, we knew that the Chicken and the Tri-Tip, grill at different rates and may take somewhat longer depending on the heat level.  The chicken we knew we could grill basically in and indirect way from start to finish.  The tri-tip however needed to be seared to lock in the juices and flavor.  We seared the tri-tip first then we came back and added in the Chicken.  We moved the Chicken and Tri-Tip to an indirect side and allowed them to grill for about 30 minutes before attempting to turn them over.  I showed my friend an easy method to help them determine when the tri-tip was cooked without having to disturb the meat.  We first cut off a small section of meat about 3 inches by 3 inches and allowed that to cook alongside the larger tri-tip.  We used that as our test piece of meat.  We would make small cuts into the meat to check for doneness.  Now keep in mind the perfect and best way to grill the tri-tip is to make it medium rare.  But I find a lot of my friends prefer the meat to be more medium toward medium well.  It pained me to grill the meat that long but I gave in cutting off a section before it got too well done.  The Chicken finished perfectly with this nice golden color.  I told them to rest both segments of meat for at least 20 minutes.  I like the tri-tip to rest longer but we had a really hungry crowd of friends and so the tri-tip and chicken were consumed fairly quickly right after being done.  The beans were amazing and the potatoes were some of the best I've had along with their amazing salsa.  

You too can enjoy perfectly grilled tri-tip and chicken just like my ranch friends.  We've combined these two wonderful and amazing Best BBQ Rubs into our two pack.  Right now you can get both of these wonderful BBQ Rubs for our special price.  Shop Now, get these amazing rubs and get to your best tri-tip and Chicken right now. 

Recommended Uses California Chicken Rub, Tri Tip Dry Rub 2 Pack:

Tri Tip, Steak and Rib Rub: Pork Ribs, Tri Tip, Buffalo Cheese Parmesan Ribs, Dry rub for pork ribs, steaks, beef ribs, Herb rubbed tri tip, pork chops, pork spare ribs, chicken, fish and more.

Jake's Famous California Chicken Dry Rub born on the West Coast of California and continues to be a long standing regional favorite for perfect grilled chicken, fish and seafood.

Get your grill on with this special combination of grilling rub seasonings.

Ingredients as listed Dry Rubs:

  • Tri-Tip, Steak & Rib Pork Rub: Paprika, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Tarragon, Oregano, Salt, Spices
  • California Chicken Grilling Rub: Brown Sugar, Turmeric, Salt, Spices, Chili Pepper, Paprika, Onion, Red Pepper, Garlic, Natural Smoke Flavor

Here's what Jake has to say about our California Chicken Dry Rub



IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP! California Chicken and Tri Tip Combo.

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