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Details:  At Jake’s Famous Foods we’ve been making BBQ Rubs and Sauces for more than 15 years now. We started in central California just off a world tour to gather information from Chefs and BBQ experts across the globe. We toured China, Hong Kong, Guam, Hawaii, Japan, France, Ireland, Paris and a whole host of Scandinavian countries all with one focus…how do you really make a great bbq sauce?   Well that one solitary focus ... more info
Details:  Recently we set out on a journey of exploration, a journey focused on one key factor: Does Low and Slow BBQ Smoking Really Work? And when we say work we mean in our very own Weber BBQ Grill with Pork Ribs, natural dry rubs and copious amount of wood for smoking. Now over the past few months we’ve read just about as many books and articles as there are days in the month on smoking, we’ve seen videos, listened to podcasts and ... more info

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