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Dry Rub and How Do I Use It?

  Although dry rub seasoning has been around for many years over the last three or four this form of pre-seasoning meats has become quite popular. In fact not long ago "marinades" were the more popular of the two forms of seasoning. That is quickly changing since dry rubs add greater intensities of flavor. A dry rub is a combination of seasonings that is "dry" before being applied to the meat. The meat, which ... more info
BBQ Grill Cleaning When is It Necessary

Cleaning your grill is one of the necessary essential things you can do to ensure that your barbecue meals are healthy.  Too often people forget to remove the charred bits of meats and vegetables left on the grill units.  Almost every producer and manufacturer suggests that you follow a strict cleaning regimen.  It's always best to review you manufacturer's manual for the best tips and information toward cleaning your ... more info
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