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How Much Sodium Salt in Jakes

  A word about salt and the levels contained in Jakes. Over the past few months we've had lots of potential customers at demonstrations tell us that they are concerned about salt and its effects. And though many of them use this as an excuse not to buy we're not completely sure they accurately understand the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) interpretation of recommended daily usage levels (RDUs) per person. ... more info
How Do You Know How Much BBQ Sauce To Use

  Adding Barbecue Sauce, Just how Much? One of the age old secrets to good barbecuing is knowing when and how much barbecue sauce to use. Too much barbecue sauce and your meat is literally swimming in sauce which overtly covers up the flavor of the meat letting you only taste the sauce. Too little Barbeque sauce and all you taste is the meat without any added seasoning or flavoring to enhance your hard work. Jake's recommends you follow ... more info
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