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How to BBQ and Grill Shrimp

  These instructions will help you when preparing and  BBQ shrimp and how to grill. Although it may look easy, it is important to follow some key steps to ensure that your shrimp come out looking and tasting great. 1. Buying Shrimp Because of shrimps perishability most are frozen and thawed for the retailer and shrimp come without their heads, fresh shrimp with their heads on. Shells may be gray-green, pinkish, or brown, depending ... more info
BBQ Ribs How To Make our Secret Recipe With Best BBQ Sauce

  The process of making Barbecue is fairly easy when you read and prepare beforehand. We've put together some helpful and considered secret simplified steps we believe will help you achieve the rib success you desire. Follow these steps to learn how easy it is to grill BBQ ribs. Beef Barbecue ribs are meaty and long and come in slabs of six or seven ribs. Beef short ribs are the tips of the fattest part of the rib and are ... more info
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