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Best Secret For Protecting Fish From Freezer Burn

Best Kept Secret for Preventing Freezer Burned Fish How many times have you gone fishing, brought home the "big one" and put it in your freezer only to find that two weeks later it had freezer burn? Here's a really simple way to stop freezer burn from happening ever again with fresh fish. We call this our Best Kept Secret For Protecting Fish From Freezer Burn.  I've used this process time and time again and each time ... more info
How to keep food warm for transport

  When catering, one of the biggest issues we have is how to keep food warm during and after grilling or transporting. Especially if it has been grilled sometime earlier or in a different location from which it is served. This is a common problem many people face and so we'd thought we'd help shed some light on the different ways we've tried to do this. Try out two or three of the methods to keep food warm and see which one ... more info
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