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How To Smoke Meats for BBQ - The Process

  Meat smoking has been around for more than One Hundred years. In fact on my last journey to the mountains of Norway (2011) I saw many farmhouses with individual smokehouses on stilts just yards from their backdoor. Smoking not only adds flavor to meat but removing or drying out the liquids will allow the smoke to act as a preservative in most cases. As cultures go perhaps the most famous "smokers of meat" were the ... more info
How To Smoke A Turkey - Water Smoker

  Follow our step by step process to ensure an evenly cooked and smoked turkey. Prepare the smoker by removing the lid and center ring of your smoker, open all vents and place 2 layers of briquettes (about 10 Pounds) in the charcoal basket.  Light briquettes and let them burn for 20 minutes, or until they are covered ash gray. Place the turkey on once this happens. Line a water pan with heavy foil, and place it in the center ring ... more info
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