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How To Use Marinades

  Marinating meat can be one of the simplest and easiest ways of bringing flavor to foods. The only real limitation is "time". Planning ahead is crucial to determining the tenderness and importation of flavor that meats experience. In this article we discuss some suggestions regarding the use of marinades, planning and the do's and don'ts to watch out for when marinating. Regarding the actual time needed for marinating ... more info
Our Guide to Rib Smoke Ribs Easy

  Is it easy to make smoky succulent, sweet and tasty ribs? The answer is YES! We show you our guide and several methods that will simplify the process of smoking ribs either on the barbecue, in your oven or in a standard smoker unit such as water smokers. A water smoker uses a water container which manages heat and moderates the quality and richness of smoke served over the meat. Water smokers are available in electric, gas or charcoal, ... more info
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