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How To Stop Grill Fire flare-ups while grilling

Managing Flare Ups and Fires on The Grill Flare-ups occur when splattered grease or fat makes contact with the heat source and sparks into a flame. To prevent flare-ups, make sure your grill is clean before you start-even old grease splatters can cause flare-ups and charring. Make sure you perform the regular maintenance check-ups recommended by your grill's manufacturer. When cooking meats, trim off as much fat as possible before grilling. ... more info
Snake Method BBQ Ribs, Baby Back Ribs

  Snake Method BBQ although new to many has actually been around for sometime. Snake Method BBQ is fairly simple only requiring access to a standard Weber or general grill or any simple grill in which charcoal briquettes are the primary source of heat. The charcoal is laid out in a two row layer trailing around outer ring of the grill then a single row is layered on top of the bottom charcoal to complete the rows. Afterward smoking ... more info
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