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The 10 Best BBQ Sauce Recipes EBook:

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  There are many styles of Barbecue Sauce and these 10 Best BBQ Sauce Recipes  eBooks are taken from our travels all over the US. Memphis, Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Chicago, California and more.  Because we want you to have the best we've included 4 Bonus Recipes to help you make the best of every Barbecue opportunity. Overall you receive 14 recipes for the price of 10. Get this eBook pick your style and create your own ... more info
7 Tri Tip Rub Recipes and Seasoning Guide

  Our Santa Maria Style Tri Tip Roast Rub Recipes  and seasoning guide is a next level homemade recipes collection of our best and favorite mouthwatering versions of Grilled Tri Tip. Jake's Famous brand Santa Maria Dry Rub and our Tri-Tip Steak and Rib Rub are both superior blends of herbs and spices that improve upon the old standard Santa Maria Style Tri Tip Roast Rub Recipes . For an additional collection of ... more info
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