Memphis Blues Dry Rub BBQ Rub for Ribs 2 Pack

Memphis Blues Dry Rub BBQ Rub for Ribs 2 Pack

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Jake's Famous Memphis Blues Dry rub for ribs, chicken and steaks.

Memphis rib rub no sugar is our Best BBQ Rub in sugar free form for Steaks, ribs and chops and is more than just a BBQ Rub. Our Memphis Blues rib rub 5 Ounce 2 Pack is a powerful Memphis Style dry marinade with awesome flavor developing not only wonderful taste on meats but an excellent crust.  Our Memphis BBQ Rub is composed of some excellent natural spices with some awesome benefits.  Our Rub contains Oregano which maintains high antioxidant properties and is a member of the mint family.   Chili pepper maintains an excellent amount of chemical compounds, which are known to help users prevent disease and promote health. Parsley is rich in vitamin K and C.  Parsley acts as a natural diuretic that improves manganese absorption to improve overall health.  In addition Parsley aids in kidney support.  Cumin seeds contain a number of phyto-chemicals, which are known to have carminative, antioxidant & anti-flatulent properties. Garlic has some amazing properties in that it helps destroy cancer cells and it can disrupt the development of tumor cells.  Black Pepper helps increase gut motility and digestion power by boosting gastro intestinal enzyme secretion.  Used extensively in a myriad of dishes Black Pepper has vast antioxidant properties and can improve the absorption of selenium, curcumin, and vitamin B.  Smoked salt helps enhance the flavors of a dish rather than modify them. Salt draws water out of cells by osmosis thus making it hard for many micro-organisms to survive, which makes it ideal for food preservation.

What customers say about our Memphis Blues rib rub no sugar.

D. Jackson:

"I buy this Memphis rib rub no sugar because it gives me great taste without sugar.  I am diabetic but I still want to barbecue.  I saw that Jake’s Famous was offering a sugar free rub so I got it and it’s been the best thing I’ve used in a very long time.  Wonderful flavor and great taste along with the fact that it is sugar free."

R. Gillan

"I heard about Jake’s Famous from some friends.  We all have some issues with sugar so I saw and ordered the Memphis Sugar free rub.  This was excellent on our ribs and chicken and my kids who also have issues with sugar loved this rub.  Count me in as a longtime customer.  Great job Jake."

Each year the city of Memphis hosts a world famous gathering known as “Memphis In May” this event is the culmination of the barbecue industry’s focus on showcasing their efforts as producing the best ribs and chicken ever produced.  They all seek the coveted trophies offering to teams with winning barbecue recipes.  This is an amazing event and is well worth the travel, time and ticket costs. 

And although you may not be able to go to Memphis In May each year you can have our outstanding, inspired, traditional Memphis Blues Style Rub. The rub has slight hints of spice and tartness with subtle hints of celery seed, mustard and more. We suggest pairing with baby back ribs and chicken which will deliver hints of Old Memphis combined with sparks of pepper and touches of mustard.

We enjoy that his Best BBQ Rub not only because it is Sugar Free, MSG Free, great on steaks, ribs, chicken, chops, low in Sodium and Made in America but also because it is natural and delivers an amazing taste on foods.

Our Memphis Blues Rub has received numerous awards for originality and taste. We recommend that you get your hands and your grill on this Dry Rub for baby back ribs, chicken and steaks.

Try something truly great today with Jake's Famous Memphis Blues Style Rub.

Memphis Blues Sugar Free Dry Rub

Learn more about Memphis and Memphis Style Barbecue

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