Managing Barbecue Food Safety


How can microbial risks be avoided?


Barbecue Food Safety

Can be improved and Food borne infections avoided by complying with hygiene rules when handling foods:

  • Raw foods of animal origin and other foods (e.g. salads or desserts) should be stored and prepared separately particularly when the latter are not going to be reheated.
  • Frozen meat should be removed from its packaging before thawing in the fridge.
  • Packaging materials, thaw water and any marinade left over should be carefully disposed of.
  • Clean any devices and surfaces that have come into contact with raw foods of animal origin, thaw water or marinades thoroughly with warm water and washing-up liquid before using them again.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with warm water and soap between the individual preparation stages.
  • Meat should always be cooked through. In the case of poultry ensure that the color of the meat on the bone, too, is somewhere between white and grey.
  • To prevent germs migrating from the raw meat or marinade to the cooked food, different barbecue tongs or forks should be used.


For other sauces, mayonnaise and otherwise sensitive foods (like desserts) which do not contain raw eggs, the following applies: Always refrigerate properly and only remove from serving just before consumption.


These items can help you when preserving Barbecue Food Safety. Take a read and use these items to improve your barbecue.


  • Coolers: Storing foods and beverages is indispensable toward improving barbecue food safety
  • Jug of water, soap and paper towels for washing hands
  • Sterile hand gel
  • Plates and utensils to keep raw and cooked foods separate
  • Foil or other wraps for leftovers
  • Food thermometer


Barbecue Food Safety

Is of utmost concern and requires that each of us pay it due attention when grilling and barbecuing not only for ourselves but others.


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