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How long to cook a homemade hamburger

  The best tasting Hamburgers undoubtedly come from your BBQ Grill. Follow these directions to make great tasting barbecue hamburgers every time. Directions for 6 Hamburger BBQ patties: In a large bowl, thoroughly blend your ingredients, dry mix, seasoning, salt and pepper together with ground Top Sirloin. Form into 6 or more hamburger patties and place in container. Cover, and refrigerate for 2 hours. For Hamburger Buns brush lightly ... more info
How long to bake chicken on a bbq grill

Baking Chicken using a BBQ Grill is easy when following these simple steps below. 1. Ensure that your grill reaches a minimum 375-400 degree temperature throughout the cooking cycle. 2. Use the same pans and cooking utensils you would use if cooking in your oven. 3. Make sure you have enough charcoal or gas on hand to cook through the entire cycle. 4. Make sure your grill is clean and clear of debris or anything that would send smoke or ... more info
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