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How to build a grill out of a 55 gallon drum

  Building a 55 Gallon Drum barbecue was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in a long time. The picture doesn't look like much but I'll tell you that I'll stand my grill against grills costing 2 or $3,000 anytime and my barbecue will be far superior. Below are my steps to creating this grill. The dents and scars are what we call "character" and believe me my grill has a lot of "character". I ... more info
How to BBQ and Grill Shrimp

  These instructions will help you when preparing and  BBQ shrimp and how to grill. Although it may look easy, it is important to follow some key steps to ensure that your shrimp come out looking and tasting great. 1. Buying Shrimp Because of shrimps perishability most are frozen and thawed for the retailer and shrimp come without their heads, fresh shrimp with their heads on. Shells may be gray-green, pinkish, or brown, depending ... more info
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