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How many briquettes do I need

  Using the proper number of briquettes is important. To ensure that grilled foods are properly cooked. If too few briquettes are used, food may not cook evenly. To calculate the necessary number of coals, cover the fire grate with an even layer of charcoal briquettes, edges touching-the number of briquettes needed to cover the grate is the number you'll need to get the fire started. If you're using direct-heat cooking for more than ... more info
How long to cook a homemade hamburger

  The best tasting Hamburgers undoubtedly come from your BBQ Grill. Follow these directions to make great tasting barbecue hamburgers every time. Directions for 6 Hamburger BBQ patties: In a large bowl, thoroughly blend your ingredients, dry mix, seasoning, salt and pepper together with ground Top Sirloin. Form into 6 or more hamburger patties and place in container. Cover, and refrigerate for 2 hours. For Hamburger Buns brush lightly ... more info
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