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Scoville Units and What they Mean

  Scoville Heat Units are used to specify of the hotness of food, specifically chili peppers. In 1912 Wilbur Scoville, devised a system to determine how hot foods are. He used a panel of tasters to provide heat scores for different peppers. Although we still use Wilbur's name for the Scoville Heat Units, the current method is much more scientific. The sensation of heat that we experience from eating certain peppers is attributable to a ... more info
The Best Way to make bbq grilled fish

  These steps have always served me well when making our  BBQ grilled fish. Keep in mind some basics like the type of fish and the heat of your grill along with grill surface preparation and everything will work out well. Step 1. Wash fish fillets with cool water and pat dry with paper towels. Lay fillets flat in a baking pan or dish or on foil wrap. If using dry rub coat the fish lightly with olive oil and shake on the dry rub. ... more info
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