Southwestern Hickory Seasoning Barbecue Seasoning 5 Oz

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  • Nicholas D. - Feb 09, 2024
    Jake's rubs have given my household thousands of awesome BBQ's and meals over the last 10 years. I had the pleasure to to talk with Jake directly (Don't you love it when the owner answers the phone!!) and discovered he is as nice as his amazing products. I cannot recommend him too highly
  • Sam Q. - Oct 31, 2011
    Had Jake's new Santa Barbara Smoked Seafood rub last night and it was amazing. How does he do it over and over again with these fantastic rubs? I mean this stuff is smoky, flavorful, tasty and goes on real easy. I used it on some scallops and pollock and it was great. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. My next order is coming in a couple of days. - Sammy
1–2 of 2 items