Pure Santa Maria Best BBQ Rub for Tri Tip, ribs 5 Oz

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  • Sam Q. - Mar 27, 2011
    Absolutely perfect...that's my review. I like everything about this Dry Rub. The large chips of garlic and kosher salt, and the nice smokiness of the rub. I used it on ribs coating them evenly and letting them rest for about an hour. Jake said this rub would do its thing in an hour or less but I didn't believe was he right. When the meat cooked you could see the nice sized chunks of garlic, pepper and salt all spread evenly over the meat. Each bite was flavorful and rich. This blend is just like traditional Santa Maria style blends I used to have way back in the 70's. I give this my highest rating 5 stars...excellent. If you like traditional style Santa Maria Dry Rub you gotta get this rub.
4–4 of 4 items