Pure Santa Maria Best BBQ Rub for Tri Tip, ribs 5 Oz

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  • Allen M. - Oct 20, 2014
    This seasoning is Santa Maria at its finest. when I cook tri tip, it's a must. It enhances the flavors of this cut of meat almost perfectly. When the only local store here in town said they were going out of business, i knew i could not lose this rub. This rub is excellent.
  • Randy F. - Aug 08, 2012
    I met Jake at a vendor event at Whole Foods in Laguna Niguel. Of all the featured vendors Jakes BBQ sauce made the biggest impact on me. I was a little disappointed I couldn't purchase his sauce on the spot, but he referred me to The Meat House in Mission Viejo where I went the next day and bought 2 bottles of The Original Mild as well as a bottle of his Steaks, Tri-Tip and Rib Rub.

    I was already planning on making ribs that night so it worked out perfectly! My Dad is a big BBQ'er do I had him over for baby backs. I make pretty good ribs, but Jakes Sauce put me over the top and I am now the King of Ribs in the family. I didn't want to share my new secret with my Dad, but that would be a complete disservice to Jake and my Dad.

    By the way, when I bought the sauce at The Meat House, the cashier had a lot of great things to say about Jake and his products.

    Thanks Jake, love your sauce and rubs, just delicious!
  • Nicole H. - Jun 07, 2011
    Delicious!!! Love this plain as a dry rub or also mixing it a little with the other rubs too! Can't live without it!!!
1–3 of 4 items