Really Good Mild Hickory BBQ Sauce 14 Oz

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  • Barney W. - Jun 14, 2016
    Jake’s Famous Barbecue Sauce… good enough to pour on my meat! forwarded from a Blog friend of mine at Burnt My Fingers Blog. See his review on link: with excellent review of Jake's BBQ Sauces. Fantastic job Jake!
  • Taz S. - Dec 19, 2013
    Rich flavored BBQ sauce, no corn syrup, spreads nicely and doesn't burn off, penetrates the meat nicely, acts as a great marinade and is sold at a great price. This is all you need to know about the greatness of this sauce. Give this sauce special consideration and pick it up now, you won't go wrong.
  • Phil M. - Oct 18, 2013
    For a long time now I've been meaning to write a review of this fabulous Barbecue sauce. I figured because there were so many online mine just wanted add any more value. No matter this is great BBQ sauce. I know Jake won that Taste and Quality award thing but that doesn't mean it passes our muster. But it actually does...this is great Barbecue sauce. This sauce is rich, really nice without all the corn syrup, Msg and the salt. This has a really rich taste and is wonderful on almost everything. I was traveling on the Central Coast of California and I stopped into a winery and lo and behold Jake's was on the menu in their pulled pork sandwich. So, I had the sandwich and it was really fantastic. The pork was great just like we have back home. By the way it was The Cass Winery in Paso Robles, CA. Jake, thanks for a wonderful product we've bought about 10 bottles and will be buying more. Excellent.
1–3 of 3 items