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We coined the phrase Asian Inspired Best BBQ Sauce after just one conversation with a world famous Barbecue chef. Our Asian Styled Inspired Best BBQ Sauce is the combination of good, hard, work and playful curiosity combined with a hint of feistiness. There are the bold flavors of soy and teriyaki partnered with a curious blend of Chinese 5 spice herbs and the bravado of Chipotle powder with hints of mango and lemon. 

Someone once said this sauce does not need a grill it needs a talk show with a mic large enough to hear the voices of centuries of experimenters all combining in this one instance to create this unforgettable sauce. Is it audacious yes, is it bold yes, is it worth it, absolutely. 

Thoughts about our Asian Inspired Chipotle Best BBQ Sauce:

Pepper Mason wrote: "I come back to Jake's website quite often so I was pleased to find they added some new products. One which I am absolutely in love with is the Jake's Famous Asian Style BBQ Sauce. This stuff is "amazing" and I'll tell you why. Jake has started doing a series of blogs on Smoking. We started smoking a couple of months ago and so we were happy to see that Jake's is now selling smokers along with this amazing sauce. So, I bought two bottles because everything else I've bought has been great so why not this. I followed Jake's instructions marinating our ribs and steaks overnight in the sauce. Then I added them to the prepared smoker at 225 degrees. Man, was I surprised...the ribs came out with this really nice, shiny almost glistening look and were fall off the bone tender. The flavor of the sauce permeated the meat with this wonderful 5 spice, teriyaki, soy and chipotle combination. The steaks were so tender that we could cut them with a fork. For my money this is one of the best products I've ever had. You've got a winner here Jake and we will certainly be buying more. Congrats."

Sam Quick wrote:"Deeeeeelicious!!! Love this Asian Style BBQ Sauce and can't get enough of it. Who would have thought that Chipotle, soy, teriyaki and mango could go so well together. I like using it on my steaks and on my smoked ribs. I also like using it as a table condiment. Excellent."

Recommended Uses:  Rib eyes, chicken, pulled pork, back ribs, daily sandwiches and so much more are enhanced by its boldness and warm natural flavors.  

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Ingredients: Tomato puree, honey, soy sauce, mango puree, onion powder, garlic, mustard, paprika, dried Chipotle, ginger, apple cider vinegar, kosher salt.

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