Santa Maria Style Tri Tip Rub 5 Oz 2 Pack

Santa Maria Style Tri Tip Rub 5 Oz 2 Pack

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IN STOCK: Jake’s Famous Santa Maria Style Tri Tip Dry Rub Special

Jake's Famous Pure Santa Maria Tri Tip Rubs spices and seasonings for your best BBQ Rub tri-tip, steaks and more. These are simple, natural ingredient recipes that are combined to produced the ultimate in flavoring and marinades.  Imagine true redwood oak smoke and chuck wagon grills raising and lowering richly seasoned mouthwatering Tri Tip roasts with Texas sized garlic bread and ranch style beans. It doesn't get much better than that and these all natural spices and seasonings will make sure you remember it.

Easy to use and easy to apply hand selected blends of coarse grain Garlic, Black Pepper and Smoked Kosher Salt complemented with natural Parsley and rich hints of Onion and Mustard to bring it all home with this award winning dry rub flavor. Don't forget the napkins when you make the tastiest, juiciest, rich and flavorful Tri-Tips, steaks, ribs and more.

Here's some great things that people are saying about Jake's Pure Santa Maria Tri Tip Dry Rubs:

Pepper Mason wrote: "Great Santa Maria style rub from Jake. I lived in Santa Maria for 15 years and you really can't get a better original tri tip rub or as we say here Santa Maria Style rub than Jake's Pure Santa Maria. I like that he uses the large chips of garlic and smoked kosher salt along with coarse black pepper. Really excellent."

G. Dixon wrote: "I was camping when a friend pulled out your Tri-Tip Rub for Steaks. That is by far the best rub I have ever tasted."

B. Lemay wrote: "As always, appreciate you guys. You have a lifelong fan. Nothing...and I mean nothing compares to this rub when it comes to tri-tip & chicken on a true Santa Maria BBQ over red oak."

These folks have had some amazing experiences with our Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub and you can too.  Right now our Pure Santa Maria Tri-Tip Rub 2 pack is on special with a 20% discount.  You can get this amazing seasoning at checkout and can take full advantage of your discount.  

The beauty and benefits of these Best BBQ Rub spices is that they are made with natural ingredients. These spices help enhance the flavors of a dish rather than modify them. Smoked Salt draws water out of cells by osmosis thus making it hard for many micro-organisms to survive, which makes it ideal for food preservation. Parsley is rich in vitamin K and C.  Parsley acts as a natural diuretic that improves manganese absorption to improve overall health.  In addition Parsley aids in kidney support.  Garlic has some amazing properties in that it helps destroy cancer cells and it can disrupt the development of tumor cells.  Black Pepper helps increase gut motility and digestion power by boosting gastro intestinal enzyme secretion.  Used extensively in a myriad of dishes Black Pepper has vast antioxidant properties and can improve the absorption of selenium, curcumin, and vitamin B.  Our Pure Santa Maria Tri-Tip, Rub does not contain MSG or other flavor enhancers.

This BBQ Rub can be used on Tri-Tip, Steaks Chops, Ribs, Beef Ribs, Brisket, Salmon, Vegetables, turkey and more. The seasonings are packed in 5 Oz, easy spoon and sift containers, in 48 Oz, 5 LB and 10 LB sizes. This Best BBQ Rub makes grilling easier and can be marinated on meat for longer periods than smaller sized granule seasonings. In fact the size of the granules is relatively similar to that in Toronto Steak Seasonings.

Sear or not to Sear tri tip with Pure Santa Maria Style Dry Rub?

If you've made Tri Tip before you've most likely heard the argument about searing and the use of a fat cap on the meat.  It is our expressed opinion that you must sear your meat to lock in the flavor.  We've had hundreds of tri-tips over the years and every time the meat has been seared the experience is far better than each time the meat was only roasted.  We've also found that there must and we can't stress this enough that there must be a fat cap left on the meat. The fat cap can be trimmed to remove the hard layer if there is one but the fat cap provides extra flavor and acts as a barrier if somehow the meat might
be overcooked.  

Searing and  Grilling

So, how do you go about searing the meat?  Well first steps are that the meat must be seasoned properly.  We use of course use our Pure Santa Maria Tr-Tip Dry Rub. Coat all sides of the tri-tip.  Even before that we'll give you a flavor secret.  Take standard yellow mustard and coat the entire surface of the tri-tip.  Allow the meat to rest refrigerated for about an hour.  Next season the tri-tip with your Tri-tip rub seasonings.  Now rest the meat again in the fridge for about an hour.  Following the resting period bring the grill to a medium high to high temperature.  Close the lid and allow the grill to maintain that temperature for about 5 minutes.  Now place the tri-tip directly over the hottest portion of the grill and let set and sear for 3 minutes, turn the meat and sear again for 3 minutes.  Keep turning until all sides have been properly seared.  Now comes the second most important part.  Move the roast over to the coolest portion of the grill.  This is where the actual roasting takes place.  However, you want to have the fat cap on the top for this first roasting period.  Allow the meat to  roast for about 20 minutes then turn on the next side.  You will keep roasting and turning throughout the grilling cycle until the meat is done.  And you will of course allow the meat to roast each time for 20 minutes until done.

Santa Maria Style BBQ Rub

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  • Brandon L. - Jan 04, 2019
    This is hands down the best rub on the planet. I BBQ a ton and have tried just about every rub on the market. Jake's Santa Maria Rub is the undisputed champ! Put it on your tri-tips. Beef ribs. Shoot, we did a prime rib over the holidays using only this rub and it was the best we've ever had. It's like magic. Seriously, stop reading this review and just order it. You'll become a life-long Jake's customer, just like me.
  • Orben S. - Nov 20, 2017
    I recently ordered this rub and finally got to use it. This stuff is great on red meat including lamb ... Get Some!
  • Pepper M. - Jul 28, 2014
    Great Santa Maria style rub from Jake. I lived in Santa Maria for 15 years and you really can't get a better original tri tip rub or as we say here Santa Maria Style rub than Jake's Pure Santa Maria. I like that he uses the large chips of garlic and smoked kosher salt along with coarse black pepper. Really excellent.